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In the year 355 A.D. all was safe in the Empire of Gaul until a great evil rose to challenge the four heroes chosen by prophecy to protect their empire. Now, they must slay a dark sorcerer's minions before their ultimate plan of reaching the Dragon Shrine comes to fruition and their army of undead soldiers multiplies.


The class types to choose from are wizard, bard, knight, elf or dwarf. Each of the heroes has a unique standard attack, access to magic and one passive ability. The wizard does maximum magic damage, the bard is resistant to poison, the knight is immune to disease, the elf has increased mobility and the dwarf is resistant to confusion. Unlike the previous game, magic attacks are not unique to each class, though specific characters have a higher chance of using certain attacks. There is also the chance, for any class except the wizard, that the spell will fail and you will transform into a pig for a short time.


Wizard Fire was released in the US as such, although it is a direct sequel to Gate of Doom and Data East archives still refer to the game as Gate of Doom II. The series is known as Dark Seal in Japan.

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