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I missed the Wizardry series and games like it back in the day, but I've been playing this for a couple of weeks now and I'm having a blast. What confuses me is the leveling system. More so that you don't always gain stats when you level up, but instead might lose stats or gain on some and lose on others. I get, to a degree, that if I add too many points in, for instance, strength to my thief they may lose strength when they level as it's not a main skill for that class. On the other hand my warrior may lose strength during one level and gain a stat that's useless to them like piety. What causes this? Is that how the leveling system plays out each time or do choices in quests, armor, or anything else go into effecting how my stats change when leveling up? To clarify I understand how wearing pieces of armor can change stats. What confuses me is how stats increase of decrease when achieving a higher level.

Plus any other tips would be helpful.

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