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Mistaken for Lost NES Classic 0

Download Size: 250 MBTime Played: 3.7 hrs.Number of Stages: 68+Average Number of Lives: 13What I'd Pay: $7Steam Price (3/20/12): $3Here's something fun to do with Wizorb: boot it up and wait for someone to walk by. When they ask what you're playing, say you're playing a rare old game on an NES emulator. See if they can tell that you're BSing them. Not only did the creators nail the NES look & sound (while giving it very responsive mouse controls), but they also made an Arkanoid clone that is...

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A wizard, an orb... Pure old school gaming goodness 0

Wizorb Reviewed by Doc D StrangeWizorb is a gem of a game that not many people played or even heard of. This game has been buried in the garbage of mostly all the indie games in the Xbox Live Indie Game Marketplace. I will make this a short review because there's not alot of story to Wizorb but tons of fun for almost all gamers.Story/GameplayIn the Kingdom of Gorudo, you play as the Wizard Cyrus who hates monsters and demons and wants to save the cursed town of Tarot. To do that Cyrus has to tra...

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A Respectable Nod to Breakout 0

There have been a lot of games based on the classic Breakout over the years, but not many manage to do something as charming with the formula as Wizorb. Available on Steam for £2/$3 and consisting of 65 different levels, Wizorb takes the Breakout framework and uses it as the basis for a unique love letter to retro fantasy RPGs.The classic Breakout gameplay is still plenty of fun.A lot of the enjoyment that can be found in Wizorb comes from the fact that Breakout is just a fun game to begin with;...

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