How to Complete the Aardwolf Stage in Wolfenstein 3D?

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I've been trying to solve the Aardwolf maze in Wolfenstein 3D on my iPhone (Level E2M8) and it's been hell. In case you didn't know, this maze is infamous for being ruthless to solve and it's my first attempt to finish it. There are 179 secrets and 33 treasures in this whole map and I've found 158 secrets and 9 treasures so far.   

This is the overall map.  

The five circled areas are the ones that I can't seem to find a way in. 

Here they are in closeups:

Believe it or not, there are two Hans Grosses in this maze and although I've defeated them all, I still can't unlocked all the secrets. There's a helpful map on this website but even then, I still can't figure this out. I've tried pushing as many walls as I can but still no luck. Has anyone completed this maze before? Is it possible to finish it or you have to start again if you messed it up?
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Sorry to bump the shit out of this thread, but it is not actually possible to collect all the treasure/get all the secrets in the maze. Basically, there are some walls that just simply block off areas when they are pushed.

Anyway, here's a video showing how to get to the Aardwolf room (note: it is only possible to see the actual Aardwolf sprite in early versions of the game, in newer versions I believe you'll just find a pile of junk instead).

Also, seriously, fuck this level; trying to navigate that maze makes we want to rip my eyes out.

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I remember this level from when I played it on PS3. I spent a great deal of time running around not accomplishing anything.

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