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Doesn't stand the test of time 3

Wolfenstein 3D is a pioneer that can be credited for inventing the first-person shooter genre. To celebrate the release of the new Wolfenstein game this summer, Id Software and Nerve ported the classic 1992 PC game to PSN and Xbox Live Arcade. The end result gives a great opportunity for console gamers to experience one of the most important games in history, but doesn't necessarily produce a desirable game. While some ported classics like Doom and Duke Nukem provide some bases of entertainm...

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Nazis, Mazes, And A Giantess 0

Attention, Halo and Call of Duty fans.  Drop your controllers, and pay your respects to the game that started it all (at least in the FPS genre)--Wolfenstein 3D.  Do you enjoy riddling bad guys with bullets?  Mopping up Nazis?  Splattering fellow Spartans with a Ghost on Halo 3?  Okay, so vehicles aren't in Wolfenstein, but you may have never had the opportunity to kill Nazis from a first-person perspective if it wasn't for ID Software's innovative Wolfenstein 3D. This early FPS was initially re...

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The father of YOUR pocket ! 0

I´ve been listening to John Carmacks speeches about his iPhone projects alot and today I finally got around to buying Wolfenstein 3D for my iPod Touch. It was on sale and I got it for a mere dollar or so. That is absolutely nothing for this great shooter classic in my pocket at all times. The game brags in the description about how John Carmack himself thought out the controls for the game carefully. The controls themselves are highly customizable. Theres basicly a small virtual d-pad for turnin...

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Just as much fun as it ever was. 0

id Software’s Wolfenstein 3D is long-hailed the original first person shooter. While it’s not the first FPS ever created, it might as well be, as it is often credited for popularizing the genre. Recently, Wolfenstein 3D was released on XBLA and PSN, with just as much fun as it ever had. In Wolfenstein 3D, the objective is simple. William “B.J.” Blazkowicz must infiltrate the Castle Wolfenstein in order to kill Nazi officers or obtain top secret documents in order to take down the Nazi regime. T...

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Get Psyched! 0

id gives us B.J. Perhaps not the first first-person shooter, but this is where id Software showed the world how it was done. They promise carnage even before the game has started, and they deliver. Fast, bloody action that defined the future of the genre. Great sounds and graphics makes you grind away at those levels (and Nazis) with a big grin. Who said Nazis were smart? The game is almost 20 years old now, and shows on some aspects. The AI isn't that good, you can fool them all using a simple ...

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A Reminiscence 0

I still remember scaring the bejeezus out of myself playing this when I was seven. Despite that initial experience, I tried again and got a lot better; today, it's one of my favourite games of all-time, and I still try to go back (when Windows will let me) and relive the magic. I still remember the light blue "Voluntarily Rated PC-13" screen, the diagnostic "lights" screen, the cries of "Mein Leiben!" from the blue-uniformed guards, "Let's See That Again!" with the Kill-Cam, and of course, the a...

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The nostalgia factor 0

When I saw Wolfenstein 3D on Xbox Live Marketplace I had bought it before even blinking again. I fondly remember as a child that my brother and I would take 2 hour turns playing the game as we only had one computer. One would sit and wish the time away while the same two hours was a blur of enjoyment for the other. Wolfenstein 3D is known as the grandaddy of FPS games due to its first person perspective and "3D" graphics. However when I loaded up this version what immediately struck me is that i...

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A part of the shooter foundation. 0


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A Literal Nightmare 0

Just take a guess. What would you say would turn me off most in a game?If you said mazes, you’re right.Wolfenstein 3D is all mazes. Sometimes the walls of the maze change colors. Sometimes the maze opens into a large room, but the rooms are always nondescript and difficult to tell apart. You wander around, trying to find the key so you can escape to a new level oftorment, killing everything you see. At some point new enemies show up; maybe you kill some kind of Frankenstein G.I. who tries to kar...

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