bagronken's Wolfenstein 3D (Steam) (PC) review

Get Psyched!

id gives us B.J. 

Perhaps not the first first-person shooter, but this is where id Software showed the world how it was done. They promise carnage even before the game has started, and they deliver. Fast, bloody action that defined the future of the genre. Great sounds and graphics makes you grind away at those levels (and Nazis) with a big grin.

Who said Nazis were smart? 

The game is almost 20 years old now, and shows on some aspects. The AI isn't that good, you can fool them all using a simple door frame. There is also no map, so you might find yourself running around quite a bit in some of the later levels, looking for the way out, wondering where you are, etc. You might also find yourself equally lost on the keyboard without a proper strafe binding, but you manage well enough with the mouse control. 

Pros & Cons 

+ Nazi-killing carnage! 
+ Great FPS origin mechanics 
- Some levels desperately need a map 

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