The $1,000 from the Wolf3D Achievement...

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So how much does this actually help you in the campaign?  Like, is it a huge difference early on, or is it kind of irrelevant?  It'd help my decision for which platform to get it on (PC or 360) if I knew what effect it'd have on my experience, because I'd rather play it on PC with MKB, but if the extra $1,000 really helps, I'll probably go with that.

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im not sure what you are really talking about.. is it that if you beat wolfenstein 3D you get 1000$ in wolfenstein? its a little bit. you can buy 2 add ons to the kar 98 (silencer and faster reload). the better stuff is 2000+ (only in the first 2 hours tho..)

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i got that and it doesn't really affect that much. most upgrades at the start are 500-1000$, so you can get about 2 free upgrades. 

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I remember what he was referring to. I haven't played it but from what most people say, $1000 doesn't do much in the world. That is not surprising; it doesn't do much in the real world either XD

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It doesn't do an awful lot, but there is a finite amount of money in the game, it even tells you that "you wont be able to get all the upgrades so spend wisely" or something along those lines.

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@The early responders: If you completed a level in Wolf3D, you got an achievement called "One of Many," which also unlocked a $1,000 bonus in the SP of the current-gen game, so long as you kept a Wolf3D save on your system.
If it's only one or two upgrades, maybe I will go down the PC path, then.  FPSes have almost always felt better on the PC than the console, even with more recent advances.

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1000$ is not that relevant in the new Wolfenstein. in the Early Game, it'll get you some more upgrades, but it becomes irrelevant around 2-3 hours into the game.

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