Where are the reviews?

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Where are the reviews? I haven't seen a single review yet from any major source. What's up with this? The game is already out...

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id and raven must not have pay for the star treatment on this one. I'm surprised, gamespot had wolfenstein banners and everything.

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I had anticipated this game, but I'm kind of lukewarm about it now. Not necessarily from the review, but seeing as how there are better titles in the months to come I may have to take a pass on this.

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It always looked fun to me, but at the same time it looks kind of gimmicky and I really do think it's going sell poorly. Don't ask me why; it's just a feeling.

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I sense sarcasm. What's that guys deal?
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Was a review embargo up to release date. The one site I check for reviews basically said ok single player with bad multiplayer, since single player is around 6-7 hours I can't see myself buying this game at full price.

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8 from Gamesradar and 4 stars from some site called Giantbomb. 
Seems to be a fairly fun game.

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