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Better Than You'd Think 0

Wolfenstein is one of the rare games that actually surprised me. Judging from the pre-release trailers and largely mediocre reviews, I was expecting just another bland shooter when I popped Raven's newest game into my PS3. The funny thing is that, on a certain level, Wolfenstein is just another shooter. The game makes few attempts at innovation, and when it does, they sort of fall flat. Despite its adherence to PS2-era FPS conventions, the strange and pervasive cult themes and the solid game pla...

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This father is getting mighty old. 2

I'll start with this: For what this should have been and could have been it's a here's my unedited diarrhea of text mini review:i'm fairly disappointed with this title, in large part because if it’s title. it's nothing special, just a decent shooter but by no means an award winner... the standard guns are the same boring ones in every other ww2 game, there are a few scifi ones but they are too similar to other games, shooting doesn't feel as good as it does is some other top s...

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A modern FPS that's not revolutionary but alot of fun 0

The Original Wolfenstein was the game that engineered the FPS genre and its modern iteration is not as revolutionary to the genre as the original but still a lot of fun.  The game is set in World War 2 with you taking control of American Commando B.J. Bazkowitz, who is sent to a remote German city where Nazis are experimenting with a powerful energy source called the Black Sun. This sents him through a variety of cool historic enviroments that are very well designed and feel alive. The Levels of...

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Wolfenstein 0

Wolfenstein on the Xbox360 is a decent game, it's got a fairly lengthy single player, with some enjoyable missions, but is tied together with a somewhat annoying structure.   You receive missions in town by speaking with various groups and then heading out, but unfortunately that just means traversing the same parts of the city with re-spawning bad guys between shorter bouts of fun (the missions themselves). The town really doesn't offer any interesting gameplay after you've gone through it for ...

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The game isn't really up to its name. It has its moments, but most of the time it's uninspired and boring. 0

This was one of the games I was waiting for this year and I must say I am quite disappointed.The graphics look old, although I like the cartoon-ish blood - same as in Far Cry 2 (by the way, there are too much similarities with FC2).The story is quite uninteresting. To the point where you'd rather skip the cinematics, thinking: "yeah, yeah, right, just bring me back to where I can shoot people and spare me the crap".When I say shooting people - this can be fun, I must admit, especially with some ...

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Bloody, fun, good old fashioned nazi disintegrating goodness. 0

Most gamers no doubt remember the granddaddy of first person shooters, Wolfenstein 3D. Although it was wildly successful, it was somewhat overshadowed by Doom's following success and most people often mistake the creepy tale of the lone space marine as the one that started it all.Then came the sequel, Return To Castle Wolfenstein. It not only offered a fantastic campaign with very satisfying gameplay and intelligent AI that really presented a challenge, but soon arrived a unique multi-player mod...

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Wolfestein is worth buying. A+ 5

Wolfenstein is well worth buying and playing on pc. The graphics lack just a little but the special effects when you shoot someone up close is awesome. All in all its worth the price . I like killing nazis.. Take care for now .. You cant  go wrong on this game....

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Micro-Review: Worth the Single Player Romp 0

 This is a solid FPS that knows it is a game and plays like a game. The mechanics are mostly all in place and the FPS feel is good. The game controls just like Modern Warfare so it is easy to jump into and the levels are all well built. The veil powers are predictable, but a nice touch to the game. The only complaint is that you spend almost all of your time in veil mode viewing the world in a green cast.  While the game is solid on single player, the mechanics don't translate to the multiplaye...

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No Shields? Well I Don't Need Them! 0

I went into Wolfenstein with not a lot of expectations, after reading some pretty scathing reviews online for the game, with Jeff G's being one of the few giving me hope that this would be a decent followup to Return to Castle Wolfenstein.  After hearing that it's not that hard, and assuming that reviewers were playing on normal, I figured I'd get my money's worth out of Raven's newest shooter, and picked Bring 'Em Hard from the difficulty list.  I gotta say, the trip through alternate history N...

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John Carmack’s leftover graphics 0

Via.  Wolfenstein, one of the longest running PC franchises of all time. It has a come a long way. Sort of. For some reason this game feels OLD, it has great RPG elements, such as the ability to customize your weapons and abilities; but there are a few things that really suprise me coming from ID and Raven.First and foremost are the dated graphics, Id Software and Raven are known to produce stunning looking games, such as Raven’s recent release of Wolverine: Origins, which actually...

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Wolfenstein - A Binge Gamer Review 0

  Review: Wolfenstein By Mike Masashi Murakami III When I started to review Wolfenstein, I was actually a little excited. Being a non- PC gamer, not having a SNES until after the system had pretty much finished off, and also not getting an Xbox until just about that console was done, I seemed to have avoided playing any Wolfenstein game until now. We all know that Wolfenstein 3D is the forefather of first person shooters, above Quake, above Doom, etc. Well, I think unlike Doom and Qua...

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A Summer Blockbuster 0

  Ah those Nazis. As if starting wars and genocide wasn’t enough, it also appears as the fiends were conducting supernatural experiments and creating new and deadly weapons based on science they don’t quite understand. Well that is what the team at Raven is insinuating. Wolfenstein is the latest in the series of first person shooters from id, going back to one of the first ever FPS’s, Wolfenstien 3D (predating Doom by a year). That said, the game feels like a closer link to 2001’s Return to Cast...

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Wolfenstein Video Review 0      My video review of Wolfenstein (2009) Wolfenstein is one of the better games of the year even though its also a bit disappointing.Wofenstein is the third game in the legendary Wolfenstein Series, Wolfenstein 3D was the game that spawned the FPS genre and any FPS game released can trace its roots back to Wolfenstein 3D.Wolfenstein runs on the same engine as DOOM 3 which used to be cutting edge but things have moved on now but that doesnt mean Wolfen...

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Falls Short of Expectation 0

 Wolfenstein is a video game collaboration from id Software and Raven Software. The game has spent several years in development, and has faced certain expectations due to the quality of the older games. Wolfenstein beat my expectations when it comes to single player, but falls very short of meeting my multiplayer expectations. B.J. Blazkowicz is back to once again conquer the Nazi regime. Along the way, B.J. encounters several Nazi generals, guards and experiments that are there to put an end t...

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Raven's take on the classic shooter is underwhelming. 0

I remember around E3 2008, when CEO of id software Todd Hollenshead appeared on Activision's press conference to announce Wolfenstein. Once he got on stage, he asked the audience to "get a little applause like [John] Carmack got at EA yesterday." Carmack had just announced id's Rage at EA's press conference the day before. Outside of that announcement, the only amount of publicity Wolfenstein got was being featured on an episode of GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley. I am guessing that this gam...

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Far from memorable, but good nonetheless 0

Wolfenstein is a first person shooter developed by a collaboration of Raven Software, id Software, Pi Studios, and Endrant Studios. It is based in World War II Germany, but thanks to bizarre gameplay mechanics and story twists, the game is much more unique than just another WWII shooter. The Wolfenstein franchise is somewhat of a cornerstone for the FPS genre. My experience with the franchise prior to starting up this game consisted only ofReturn To Castle Wolfenstein, which is a game I played a...

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The bad reviewer: Wolfenstein. 0

The Summary. There are Nazi doing Nazi stuff. Cept 'in this case they're are also doing supernatural Nazi Stuff (even more evil than usual). So America sends a archetypal dude in a leather jacket and square jaw to kill them with conventional weapons.  Wolfenstein sells poorly.  Jeff has to drink Gin.   He pukes  The guys laugh.  Go eat some waffles everyone.  End...

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