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 Momo has come to save the day.
Momo has come to save the day.

Wonder Momo is an action game starring a girl named Momo. The game is actually a tokusatsu "hero show", I.E. a stage show with people in costume acting as heroes and villains; such tokusatsu shows were once a popular form of entertainment for children in Japan and generally would feature well-known heroes and villains, such as characters from Kamen Rider. However, based on the appearance of the audience, the "Wonder Momo" show seems to be aimed at a slightly different audience. It is being presented at "Namco Theater".

In the game's storyline, Momo is a heroine from space who is fighting the evil "Phantom Warudemon Army" (Kaijin Gundan Warudemon" / 怪人軍団ワルデモン).


A screen cap from the PC Engine version.
A screen cap from the PC Engine version.

The player controls Momo with a traditional 8 way joystick or D-pad, in the case of the home ports. Momo can jump and attack with the respective buttons; she can also high jump by holding up and jump and has several attacks at her disposal. Each stage consists of a backdrop against which Momo will fight a variety of enemies; If the player wanders far enough to either the left of right, they will encounter a curtain. After enough enemies are defeated a boss will appear. A whirlwind will also appear at various points; if Momo makes contact with the tornado, she will turn in to Wonder Momo!


  • Kick: A standing kick.
  • Crouching Kick: No explanation necessary.
  • Jumping Kick: A kick... in the air!
  • Two-way Kick: This can only be performed if Momo is crouching or jumping; in addition, she must be facing towards the screen, not left or right.
  • Wonder Kick: Jump forward and attack. A powerful jumping kick.
  • Wonder Ring: As Wonder Momo, Momo comes equipped with a hoop technically termed the "wonder ring". She will throw the hoop instead of kick if the attack button is pressed. The hoop will then bounce around until it is caught; then Momo can throw it again, etc.

There are two bars at the top of the screen, Momo's vitality bar and a "wonder" bar. The vitality bar is (obviously) the amount of damage Momo can take from enemies before the player loses a life. The wonder bar is filled slowly by defeating enemies as regular Momo. When Momo becomes Wonder Momo, the wonder bar depletes at a very slow rate. Should the player miss the whirlwind Momo can also turn in to Wonder Momo at any time by facing forward and rapidly pressing the attack button so long as the player has some wonder meter!


A green and yellow capsule.
A green and yellow capsule.

There are a few types of items that can be dropped by enemies.

  • Red and yellow capsule: This restores some of Momo's vitality.
  • Green and yellow capsule: This will only appear when Momo is "Wonder Momo". When picked up, Wonder Momo will perform the "Wonder Typhoon", where she becomes invincible, spins in place, and shoots projectiles rapidly to both her left and right. This item is a blue and yellow capsule in the Arcade version.
  • White and red capsule: Allows Momo to fire "specium beam" type projectiles, a reference to Ultraman, for a period of time. Her version is called the "wonder shot".



Wonder Momo

Enemy Characters

These are just some of the enemies Momo will encounter. Some enemies are exclusive to the Arcade version.

 A modoki.
A modoki.

Modoki: The basic grey goons who pop out of the floor and advance slowly towards Momo. Sometimes they get distracted by the audience.

Kurukodaruma: Tiny ninjas wearing jet-packs. They throw shuriken, and sometimes attack in a "totem-pole" formation.

Crystal tower: Spikes of crystal that pop out of the ground and scatter projectiles.

Cyclone: Pink UFOs that float overhead and sometimes shoot at Momo.

Crab Fencer: A crab-clawed fellow with long attack reach. He exclaims "Kani kani! (crab crab!)" whenever he's about to attack in the Arcade version.


Shamoan: A monster who loves to do break-dance style attacks, especially headspins.

Tyran: A cyborg dinosaur who breathes fire. Only found in the Arcade version.

Acro-ball: A robot who likes to somersault around the stage and head-butt Momo.

Jagrock: A sturdy robot who attacks Momo by throwing yellow objects.

Cannonporter: A musclebound monster with a rocket launcher. His rockets make a U-turn after exiting the screen and come back.


Amazona: The only woman in the Warudemon Army. She is Momo's self-proclaimed rival.

Mozuu: The mysterious leader of the Warudemon Army.


That annoying kid: A kid in the crowd who periodically wanders by and attempts to take a flash photo of Momo, damaging her and making her stumble. He isn't a part of the show, so Momo can't do anything about him other than avoid the flash.

Being a goon is hard work.
Being a goon is hard work.

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