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Why was the other thread locked?

I think it's a real shame if they don't do something for this game. These types of games are the reason I come to Giant Bomb. Yeah it's great to see 20 minutes of the latest Call of Duty and hear Jeff talk about the differences...but some of my best memories are from the crazy games.

Farming Simulator 2012

Deadly Premonition

Harry Potter Kinect series

Wipeout the game (kinect)

Entire Game Room Series

Darkest of Days

Yearly WWE coverage of JR getting hit by a car

Celebrity Poker with Jonathan Frakes


If it comes down to it, maybe skimp on some of the QLing of the AAA games and at least still cover some of the notable "funny" games. I can go to 10 different sites to see Assassin Creed 3 gameplay. There's only one site I can go to for Stay Dead coverage.

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They probably will in the near future. They must be entrenched in game of the year business. This game seems like a whole lot of dumb. And that's what I come to Giant Bomb for.

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This is the only quicklook you'll need.

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@dekkadekkadekka said:

This is the only quicklook you'll need.

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Hot damn that was funny!

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@dekkadekkadekka said:

This is the only quicklook you'll need.

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This was also mentioned during the Bombcast on the week this game came out and I think what prompted them not to do a quick look.

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