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 The Woodcutter also terrorizes Alyssa psychologically by unveiling some secrets of her family history.
Woodcutter is the third deranged murderer that is encountered in the survival horror game Clock Tower 3.  He was a serial killer that was killed by a town mob after going on a killing spree for two years.  After his death he was 
resurrected and controlled by an ancient evil being known as an "Entity".  Woodcutter became a "Subordinate", doing this Entity's bidding.  Woodcutter is actually the head of the Subordinates and is tasked with hunting down Rooders such as Alyssa.  With each human victim that Woodcutter slays he grows in strength and has the ability to accumulate this power infinitely.


Harold Powell was born in Cardiff Wales in the year 1655.  Hideously deformed at birth, he suffered the taunts and ill will of others.  At 17, he proposed to Emily Dickens who was the innkeeper's daughter but was cruelly rebuffed.  In retaliation he dismembered her with an axe.  Powell went on a killing rampage, abducting and slaying young girls until he was killed by a village mob.

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