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Review of World in Conflict. 0

This is a game that took RTS games, and mixed in battlefield for good measure, this game is absolutely fast, and actually puts more "strategy" into the game than most other Real time Tactical/strategy games out there. The games strategy really depends on the role, and your teammates, if you have bad teammates that don't coordinate very well, or don't know how to play necessarily, then you are going to loose indefinitely, this is a game where you need to depend on your teammates. The gameplay i...

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The Cold War Can Be Fun 0

So if World War 2 isn't your thing then what war fits you? Well there is Nam', that is if you want to play a game with no real conclusion. Perhaps you'd like a throwback to those good ol' Civil War or Revolutionary War days? Nothing says a good game like Nostalgia and guns that can't hit the broad side of a barn. So what? What war is left? How about a pseudo Cold-War? Instead of it being cold and boring, ala a competition in who can spend the most money, the Soviet Union decides to invade Americ...

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World In Conflict Is Revolutionary, Yet Simple 0

If there is one gaming question I hear the most, it's, "Does anyone ever get tired of the generic and predictable genre that is RTS?". You start; You build; You fortify; You sustain; You attack; and You win. Yes I know, this must all sound very, very familiar, considering games like Age of Empires, Warcraft, and Empire Earth are all following the same suffocated and dry formula. This is what World in Conflict does differently...WIC was built on a new formula centered around a pre-deployed 2 (3 i...

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Immersively throws you into an imagined Third World War. 0

It has to be said, a lot of interesting things happened in the year 1989. For a start, it just so happens to be the year I was born, early in February. The Exxon Valdez ran aground of the coast of Alaska in March, resulting in a devastating oil spill. In June, there were demonstrations by students in Tiananmen Square, Beijing against the Chinese government. In video gaming, the Sega Genesis console was released in August. Further, the various revolutions in the Eastern Bloc sparked the fall of t...

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While the focus is on multiplayer, WiC delivers on every field. 0

Ever since the first screenshots and gameplay videos, there has been plenty of hype surrounding World in Conflict and its graphics. But unlike many expected, Massive Entertainment developed a game that delivers on every front. From the graphics to gameplay, there isn't much that could have been done better. The basic catch behind World in Conflict is the complete lack of the traditional resource gathering that has been around ever since Dune 2. Each player has a specified amount of reinforcemen...

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Kickin some commy butt 0

Awesome game, fast hard hitting action, excellent story & great controls. World in Conflict sets you in the middle of the Cold War and sets it ablaze between Russian and the United States. You start off in the European campaign and must fight your way back to an occupied United States (Red Dawn). This game takes a slightly different approach to the real time strategy genera in that they took out all the resource gathering and base defense features that are common among other games of its kin...

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A Masterpiece that is not your standard RTS. 0

Graphics: - Graphically this game put on maximum settings exceeded some of my expectations. The cloud cover affecting the lighting over the battlefield to the progressive amount of damage to the scene really offers a viceral feel to the zone.- The level of detail is definitely a plus, and if you have a card that can play this title at max, definitely kudos to you. - From the low end aspect, some of my buddies have played this on anything from a ATi X800 to an Nvidia 6200 quite well without all t...

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One of the best games out there for real time strategy. 0

If you're into setting off nukes and calling in airstrikes and pretty much everything at your disposal then this is the game for you. The game has much to offer with campaign as you take on the role of different people that live out the dreaded war if the Cold War never ended. Although the ending may leave you with many pondering questions, overall it's still a great game. You get to take part on four different roles which include infantry,armor,support,and air. Each category has its own unique ...

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An Amazing World that is in Conflict 0

What can I say about World in Conflict, it is an amazing RTS. Anyone looking for a good strategy game will definitely be in a treat. The game is a modern-military game, based on a what-if scenario. It takes you throughout the United States, as you defend against the evil Communist Russia. That game is in-depth while playing single-player, and leaves you breathless as the events unfold. The game is graphically beautiful, right down to the little marines you can see the minuet details. As well as ...

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World in Conflict 0

World in conflict is an awesome rts created by MASSIVE entertaiment features Tactical Aid once you do good in battle you earn ta points to call helpful thinks like NUKES Who doesnt like Nuclear Weapons?these tactical aids can change the battlefor the good or the badMULTIPLAYERMP is where the game really shineswith up to 16 players [8vs8]you choose between the soviets, usa,or natothere 3 game modesDOMINATIONtry to hold as the much of the map as possibleAssaulttry to defend command points or attac...

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