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Review of World in Conflict.

This is a game that took RTS games, and mixed in battlefield for good measure, this game is absolutely fast, and actually puts more "strategy" into the game than most other Real time Tactical/strategy games out there.

The games strategy really depends on the role, and your teammates, if you have bad teammates that don't coordinate very well, or don't know how to play necessarily, then you are going to loose indefinitely, this is a game where you need to depend on your teammates.

The gameplay is like a regular RTS but with a completely different Camera, it moves like an FPS camera, this gives you better vision of the battlefield, and its also what makes this game unique, it might be a little troublesome for the hardcore RTS players, but once you get used to it, it can be a blast to play this game. The main thing you might notice about this game is that there is no base building or resource gathering, this is a real time tactics game kids, the game gives you units and you go out with some teammates and kick some ass, the only resource you have is a pool of points which you use to buy new units, for those RTS players out there, you cannot destroy this feature, its a fast paced RTT game, the whole point is to go out and capture points, not to take out the opposing players base like other standard RTS games out there.

The main objective in the game is capturing points, to most, this resembles Battlefield's Conquest mode, and for the most part that is true, the only slight change is that you need to use alot of strategy and team coordination to win this game, I cannot emphasize that point enough, I have seen alot of people cussing and scolding the game for the camera angle and the no resource gathering or base building, this is an RTT People, not RTS!

If you played Ground Control II, this game should become instantly familiar, Tactical Aid, a resource that isn't essential but very helpful is the tactical aid, this can help when you are trying to eradicate infantry out of buildings, or clearing a fortification on a strategic location, its a good mechanic, and its also a graphical showcase for the graphics in the game, mainly the tactical nuke in the game, or the napalm bombs.

The units in the game aren't varied in the game, they basically light, medium and heavy (infantry aren't that however, there really demos, anti-tank, or basic infantry) nor due the factions vary either, (soviets have single shot heavy artillery, whilst the west has rocket artillery) but this is good because its how you use them thats important, Both factions aren't very unique to each other, cause its how you use the units given to you thats important, going all helicopters is not good cause then you can't capture points to win, going all tanks is good, but you are defenseless against air and you can't tackle infantry all that well, can't go all support cause they aren't good close range, can't go all infantry cause they are too vulnerable out in the open, see what I mean? But with that in mind, its important cause every unit is designed to compliment the other roles you can partake, infantry can be useful in woods, tanks can devestate apc's and support vehicles, helicopters can provide good ambush vehicles, and support can bombard and devestate pretty much everything.

Graphics... well they are absolutely fantastic, considering the genre its in, the units are detailed, to the point where you can see everything on the soldier, including water bottles and ammo packs, to the backpacks on the tanks, to the cockpits in the helicopters, to the insides of a Humvee. The environments deserve mention cause they are very detailed, especially in directx10, grass can be seen up close, swaying in the wind, they even gone to the lengths of putting up flocks of birds in the environment, influencing the beauty of the environment. The explosions though are GREAT!! They are satisfying to see, they even make craters in the environment if you have the settings on high, the smoke particles look nex-gen (unlike MOH: Airborne) and the nuke... well... that can't be explained in words, look it up and you'll see how great it looks.

The Sound is as good as ever, every vehicle, if you get close enough, you can here conversations between the crewman, the guns sound big and powerful and the nuke sounds unforgivable, the voice acting is believable, and is even better with alec baldwin.

Multiplayer is definately where its at, its both fun to watch and to play, its battlefield, with RTS thrown in, again, its not like a traditional rts, you drop in to the fight, pick a role, choose your units, then fight, no waiting around for the round to end, just drop in and fight, just like an FPS.

RTS fans might like the game for its refreshing and unique gameplay, but scold it for no base building or resource gathering, but love it for its very deep strategic depth, if you like RTS but hate building bases and what not, this is your game, if you like fast paced RTS with no waiting around, this is also your game, don't play this if you are a Hardcore RTS fan.


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