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Within the Myth universe, the fastest known method of transportation is through World Knot. These ancient magical gateways allow their users access to a limited form of teleportation, granting nearly immediate transport from one Knot to another. Once activated, anything within the perimeter created by the device's pylons will be affected, meaning that large groups may be moved at once. Its only disadvantage is that all four pylons must be fully intact in order to properly function, with significant damage to any rendering it inoperable. This makes it a fairly simple matter to sabotage a World Knot, with explosives easily being the weapon of choice when incapacitating one. A skilled craftsman may be able to repair a damaged pylon to working condition in some cases, and, when available, it is also possible for a mage of sufficient strength to act as a pylon substitute, thus allowing an otherwise unusable Knot to operate as normal.

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