CCP reveal more about World of darkness at the EVE Fanfest

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So, This trailer was uploaded not too long ago. I'm not 100% certain but it might not have been show during the World of Darkness panel at the EVE Fanfest.

They also uploaded a work in progress video.

Now, I don't know what this mean for the fan of the series but whatever they showed looks damn awesome to me. If they bring the Carbon tech they created for EVE in this it could really look awesome. As for the gameplay, it seem it could hold together.

Now, I think this look great but I haven't played World of darkness, the tabletop. What are you thinking about this MMO?

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Chances are they'll be using the Carbon character creator because it just makes sense haha. I imagine it'll have a ton more options than Eve though just because it's a character oriented game

In any case, I'm excited. Tried playing Vampire TMB, but that shit is so busted it just became more trouble than it's worth. I did really like the lore though. I never played the tabletop game, mostly because no one I know would be into it, but I'd love to try it out one day.

The only thing that puts me off this game is the potential fanbase. I love and still play Eve online, but those fucking "if you're not doing X, then you're playing it wrong" people get on my fucking nerves. It's like when you roll on a pvp WoW server and some guy spends 4 hours harassing you then calling you a 'noob' because you just started out and he's level 9000. CCP hasn't gone in depth with the mechanics of the game, but I think the grieifing potential in this game will be a huge factor in determining it's success. Too much of that bullshit and you immediate alienate a large group of people.

Thankfully, the permadeath system seems reasonably thought out and not easily exploitable, but it's no telling what the fuck will happen when, potentially, millions of people get their hands on it. Also, I'm not too keen on 'player' princes in my game. I love mmos, but I love playing my way. If some asshole has any significant influence over my game, then you can count me out.

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The WIP video looked really good. I'm still not thrilled about this being an MMO, but I'm looking forward to more news.

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There had better be a single big server for everyone, if CCP ever puts out a game with multiple instances of the same area, they've failed. The world needs to be the same for everyone.


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