World of Tanks is out!

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The release was a couple of weeks ago in fact, but it flew right past my radar for some reason (I blame Portal 2).

The game is a curious hybrid of multiplayer tank sim and rpg elements. You start out with a shitbox, then grind your way to bigger tanks and glory. Superficially WoT is just CoD on treads, but the gameplay is deep and complex in a good way. It's all about defilades, ballistic arcs and penetration angles. You actually have to learn all kinds of new concepts to play. Very awesome and pretty too, at least for those of us who are into tank based pornography.  
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Is it anything like that one trailer that was out? That thing was crazy looking.

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It had a gazillion trailers, I have no recollection of any specific ones. But it's F2P so why not try? On the subject of F2P, it's a bit of a crock as always. You can shoot tin cans with random people all you want, but if you want to create a clan or even a persistent three man platoon with your friends, one has to pony up for a premium account (10 bux per month). 

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EDIT: Apparently the trailer answers my question. evidently I forgot about that line at the end. GREAT MARKETING GUYS!
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We need a Quick Look at this.   Although, granted there is a ton of videos over on YouTube, still I would like to hear the staff's impressions. 

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No, not like that. They even said so right in the trailer. :P
You have a regular behind the back camera that follows the turret, and if you need to do long range shooting or spotting, you can go into a gunner scope view. That's it.  

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Right, about 200 matches later, I can say this thing is still pretty fantastic. The tanks get better and more interesting, and the gameplay keeps revealing more nuance. 

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I love this game to death. It has it's flaws, but the feeling that you get from flanking/ambushing a more powerful enemy tank is fantastic....also tank rushes are fun.

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