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The Giant Bomb guild in WoW hasn't been very active in these forums as of late, and I wanted to give anyone coming to Giant Bomb a heads up on what Bomb Squad (Horde, Ysera) has been up to. 
First off we are always recruiting people from, if you join you know that we all have the same sense of humor that you have. We all love this place!  We do not recruit off the server and because of that you know we are all from here. 
Second while are very much a casual guild, we have dropped 4 out of the 12 Raid bosses, and are currently on Valonia and Thera and Artemedes for progression. We have active runs to gear and level people up and everyone helps everyone out in leveling their professions. There are quite a few reformed power wow players in the guild that will impart their knowledge on you.
If you want to join, make a horde character on Ysera and /who bomb squad and ask anyone that is on for a guild invite. We'll welcome you in and help you have as much fun as possible. We only have two rules, 1. Have an account on, and 2. Dont be a jerk.  
See you in the game! 

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Dropped Valonia and Thera! Progression achieved! 

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Thinking I might transfer a Pally I'm leveling over to the server because I'm guildless right now and am looking for a group of cool people to do some dungeons with and such.
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That's all we are. Tuesdays we have a heroic dungeon night for gearing, Friday-Sunday are raid nights. It's actually hard not to be on with at least a few people and most everyone will help you out at least in some small way.

Besides having near 20 active 85s we have many many players running around between 10th and 80th.

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Another update, we are now 7 out of 12 raid bosses and closer than ever to that second 10 man raid group. Progression is ascendant council.

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I actually stopped playing WoW about mid-January :(

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@melcene Never hurts to
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Damned mobile site, never hurts to pick the crack Pipe back up. :)

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@Thrawnkkar:  I know all too well!  I've been playing on and off since vanilla beta.  I take at least one break a year lol.
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@melcene I played since launch until wrath and I was in a guild that just couldn't have been more cliquish. Made me feel very unwanted. So I quit.

Fast forward to giantbomb cata quick l
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This mobile site and my iPhone keyboard issue is getting old.

Anyways the quick look sold me on it. I joined the giantbomb guild and have loved it ever since.

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