How will you level to 85?

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I was slow to get TBC and Wotlk, so I never experienced launch day or even launch week. My experience from 60-70 and 70-80 was quite pleasant, as zones were pretty much empty. Anyway, what do you guys think will be the fastest way to level? With everyone fighting over quest mobs, do you think dungeon grinding will be the way to go? Also, what is the zone progression for this expac?

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@plop1920: Dungeon experience was recently nerfed so players could run a dungeon or two and not out level all the quests in their quest log. However if you are specced as a tank this still might be faster than the slower than dps killing of mobs for normal questing. Hyjal is the better zone to start leveling in, its much larger and Vashj'ir is very linear with a bunch of very very annoying collection quests at the beginning. I don't know where to go after that.
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You can get 25 daily quests and finish them right now, then wait until the cap is raised and turn them in for alot of xp.

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I will wait at least a week to start playing the expansion so that the first couple of zones are not as crowded anymore. This way the leveling might actually be enjoyable.

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There are leveling guides out there that show the best zones to go about leveling. Obviously just doing quests is the answer.

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When I first started playing the game, I leveled by killing mobs. I told myself I would never grind like that again, and since then I've always quested.  Recently I've gotten into the lore more than before, and I've been reading everything, quests, books, etc.  I will probably level this way, because I find it much more enjoyable.  I've heard the horror stories of how bad it is when the expansions come out, but that's not been the case for me.  Everything seems to run OK with a few hicups along the way, but overall it's still awesome.  I wouldn't be surprised if you find that all the talk about how bad launch day can be was overstated.

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Questing will be the path I take, to me it's about seeing the new content. I'll get an ass-full of all the instances after I've hit 85 and my alts can do more instance leveling once the shininess of the new stuff has worn off. Will probably stick to leveling one of my alts in Azeroth since the new areas will be jam packed in the first week.

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I will level in a drunken sleepy, yet determined state, and do it before my roommate does- I swear it.

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Pay someone to do it for me. 
On second thought I hate this game so maybe I shouldn't do that...

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I don't really have a plan but I'm not into grinding my levels, I'm in the game to have fun.

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Try to quest, give up, do instances, give up, level archeology, give up, level my Druid through Northrend^^.
It's gonna be way too crowded probably!

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I'm going to wait a week or two at least before touching any of my 80s, and just work on some of my lower toons in the less crowded zones.

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probably will just do quests while i queue for the dungeons, need to get that loot!    need to get those blues that are way better than my lvl277 heroic icecrown epics.

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here is my plan. I want to do something right out of the gate that is "new" so i am rolling a Goblin and hitting the starting area first. The Two starting Zones for 80 - 85 are small, and heavy on the instancing so it will be a nightmare / frustrating for a couple of days.  
I know the Goblin zone will be packed [al la Day 1 Troll Druids] but at least I can split if things get to annoying.  
My advice, find something to do other than level your 80 toon for a little bit, or if you NEED to do some 80 to 85 leveling Q up in the PUG finder for the new starting 5-man.  

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In the beta the questing was faster in Hyjal than Vashjir, but Hyjal has more "kill this named mob" quests making for some bottlenecks, as well as some mini-bosses that semi-required grouping up.  Deepholme has a little of both, and Uldum is so phased that you feel like you're all alone doing quests.  Twilight Highlands has a large mix of leveling and endgame content making it confusing, and when I was leveling it still was unpopulated so I don't know the specifics of the quest types.
The biggest difference is the ability to fly while leveling from day 1.  It's going to make the kill stealing even more rampant since people can just hover over a spot and drop in to tag a mob - especially druids.

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Damn, the ONE thing I miss about WoW was playing the game during the first few weeks of an expansion release. My best memories of the game were the first days of TBC. The best world PVP you can imagine. Constantly typing /who 70 to see if anyone on my realm had made it. Exploring all the new content with friends and finding upgrades everywhere. Water elemental. Fuuuuuuuuck have fun, I'm jealous.

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