Patch 4.2, y'all

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So this site I've never heard of interviewed Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street, the guy who nerfed your Starsurge and stole your children. Here's what's up for the next patch:

Firelands: It seems likely now that this will be the only raid instance for the next tier of raid content. Although nobody seems to have even asked, blue posters haven't seemed to talk about it. In fact, in this interview Street said that all of Tier 12 will drop in Firelands. Welcome back to ICC! The design of Firelands was said to be a departure from the corridor-filled fun of Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight. The zone was described as being completely outdoor, allowing for the use of mounts, and mostly non-linear.

Encounter Journal: The encounter journal is a part lore guide, part encounter guide thing that will be applied to raids and I think heroics. Basically it will give you a lore background to a given encounter, and also list a boss's given abilities. However, it won't be as in-depth as, say, a TankSpot strategy video. It's more designed to allow raids to not enter an encounter completely blind. Oh, and where are these raids filled with people who intentionally engage bosses blind? I suppose that might be fun, but some bosses were hard enough to get a grip on even knowing most of the mechanics off the bat. (Well, maybe when it's a brand-new raid tier, I dunno. I ain't no hardcore progression raider.)

Daily quests: Firelands will also have a daily quest hub for raiders and non-raiders alike, with over 60 quests. Like the Sunwell Isle from Burning Crusade, the player's questing efforts will help progress a storyline with actual changes taking place in the environment. However, unlike the early phases of Sunwell, in which all players on a server worked towards a collective goal, the player's efforts in the Firelands will be phased, which means you will only see other players who have progressed as far as you have. Also, new flying mount! Get me closer to 100!

And, as always, this patch will be released Soon.
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good stuff :]
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Best part, them silly DK's get nerfed.
Almost solo'in the Lich King and still claiming they're fine? Get the fuck out.

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I quit WoW after the 4.1 patch...  Cataclysm basically killed our 25man guild.  We tried doing 10mans but people just didn't seem interested in the content (also Rift took away some regulars).  Guess now I don't feel the urge to go back and play even though a new raid dungeon is being released.

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