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Hey Everybody.
This thread now doesn't matter anymore. Since I have resigned as guildmaster and  SythonX7 has taken over, he has made a new thread found here.  
Please refer all things WoW EU guild-related there. 
Mods, please unsticky this thread and sticky the other one, thanks :D 

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GB Name: Jazz 
Ingame: Jazzmon 
Class: Druid 
Race: Troll

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Currently working lots of hours over christmas, so wont be back to playing WoW until Jan. Will def join up with you guys then however. Will migrate the char and see how the bombers roll ;)
GB Name: MysteriousFawx
Ingame: Covin
Class: Rogue
Race: Undead

#4 Posted by Jack268 (3368 posts) -

I might come and join you later, but I'm not giving up on this queue atm. 

Position in queue: 1478 
Estimated Wait Time: 70 minutes

Fucking Kazzak :(
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GB name: Zanetsu
Ingame: Zanetsu
Class:  Rogue
Race: Goblin

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I was on earlier and had no waiting time. In fact I've never had to play the waiting game... 
how odd 
edit: Daaaamn, thats totally full. Well, Burning Steppes is fully open still asking for new players.
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I'll probably join once I get the damned game running. And once I can remember my password, god damnit!

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Damn, I was all ready to jump in on the new realm but if the server is getting full up I might as well wait it out and see what happens. It's probably going to be better if you decide whether people should start on a new server sooner rather than later, that way people who don't want to pay for the transfer can start new characters before they've sunk too much time into their old ones. I hope this all works out soon.

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Nice, been on Defias for years ! m pity it is full now have to wait in a que to play  : / 
WoW name is Valir 
Btw I would be happy to fund a EU GB guild if it ever comes to that !

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@Gamer_152: Yeah me too.. I just don't know what server to switch over to if it comes to that.. It seems like close to half the servers are locked at the moment..
#11 Posted by Jazz (2323 posts) -
@Chronologist said:
" @Gamer_152: Yeah me too.. I just don't know what server to switch over to if it comes to that.. It seems like close to half the servers are locked at the moment.. "
Like i said, Burning Steppes is open..I literally just logged off it and it was fine, but I agree we need to make a choice and stick with it.
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Hm.. Maybe we'll switch..  

Hopefully I'll have a more definite answer tomorrow, hopefully as early as possible..  
I apologize to everyone who looked forward to playing, but there wasn't really a whole lot I could do :( 
Burning Steppes looks like a possibility for a different server than Defias, if that one stays locked.
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Ammending a previous post, name will still be Covin, race will still be Undead, changing class choice to Warrior however, no longer migrating a char, starting fresh.
See you guys soon :D

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As updated in the OP   Defias has now changed back to high..   
Don't know how bad it'll be at full pressure though (this is in the afternoon).. But right now it seems better. 
If it is badly locked as well tonight we're probably gonna change to another server..

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I've got my own guild over on Stormrage (one of the suggested realms), on the Alliance side. You're all more than welcome to join that if you want to. Only about twenty members, as it's fairly new, but it'd be cool to fill it up with all you "duders". 
Just contact me in-game on any of the following characters, if need be: 
Lyraena (Most likely to be online on this character, as it's a new one) 
I'm online RIGHT NOW if you want to join. ;)

#16 Posted by Chronologist (288 posts) -
Thanks for the invite. If Defias will continue being full in the evenings it would be a good option.
Anyhow I might just make a worgen there anyways.. :P    
#17 Posted by JoeMarsden (335 posts) -

Sounds good. Drop me a message. ;)

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It seems that Defias Brotherhood has stabilized. I still too early to be absolutely certain, but it's open now without any queue (I think). Let's hope it doesn't get worse.

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Could anyone tell me how bad the server is at the moment? The game says that it is locked but I can just log in without any queue?

#20 Posted by Nasos100 (762 posts) -
@Chronologist: its locked but by a little as far as i can see. still its not ideal.
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Yeah.. Do you think we should switch? To Burning Steppes or something else?  
Stormrage is also locked at the moment.
#22 Posted by Gamer_152 (14286 posts) -
@Chronologist: We've given Defias a little leeway but it still seems overpopulated. I'd be interested to hear what everyone else says, but my vote is that we switch to Burning Steppes or another server.
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A blue poster wrote yesterday that the queue problem will be temporarily fixed by simply raising the player cap.  They may also follow that up on some servers with free character transfers. (Source)

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Well, unless people have put a some time into their defias characters, or become really attached to them, I'd chose another one just so we don't have to worry about this kinda thing. I'm happy on Burning Steppes, but it's really up to everyone else. 

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  @gakon5: Thanks for the info. The queues are better today than yesterday, but they're not gone yet :(
@Gamer_152:  @Jazz:  
I think you're right. I think it's better to do something than wait and hope that it'll get better sometime.. Which it probably will, but we could be playing right now instead. 
Burning Steppes seems like a good option.. unless anyone has any objections to that.
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@Chronologist: If no one has any problems with that choice, then my troll druid is called Redtusk on Burning Steppes. 
#27 Posted by Arbie (1480 posts) -

Which realm is being used for this? Burning Steppes or Defias?

#28 Posted by MysteriousFawx (439 posts) -

For a server change why not just swap out to something rec'd for new players? That way it'd be easier to establish a guild and maybe pull in a few non-GB members, maybe make something big of it instead of trying to compete with a strong established server.

#29 Posted by MysteriousFawx (439 posts) -

Currently theres a lot of free char moves available. Realms that can be moved to appear to be -
Dentarg - Low/PvP
Genjuros - Med/PvP
Boulderfist - Low/PvP
Emeriss - Low/PvP
Also realms currently qualifying for a free transfer are Argent Dawn, Burning Legion, Darksorrow, Draenor, Frostmane, Grim Batol, Kazzak, Outland, Silvermoon, Stormreaver, Stormscale, Sylvanas, Ragnaros, Ravencrest, Twisting Nether.
Seems to be an ideal time for people to transfer any existing alts they may have to a realm we can all agree on for the handsome price of free.

#30 Posted by Chronologist (288 posts) -
Yes, but the main idea behind this isn't that we all move our established characters to another server, but that we start new ones together. I can understand why someone doesn't want to do that, but that isn't the main concern of this at the moment. 
Also, I don't know anything about how good those servers are, but Jazz is on Burning Steppes and he says that it seems fine. And Burning Steppes is also recommended for new players. 
I can see your point, but going to a realm we don't know anything about seems risky. (Unless anyone actually knows those servers).  
Furthermore, I definitely think we have to pick a server soon, because this confusion isn't helping anyone, so I say Burning Steppes.
#31 Posted by MysteriousFawx (439 posts) -
Fair point man, fair point. Someone should probably make a new poll thread or something to see.
#32 Posted by Chronologist (288 posts) -
I don't think that would be necessary.. People generally seem like they want a switch but didn't seem like they cared particularly much where (taking this mostly from the previous poll thread). 
I think that we'll just have to pick one and that will be it. So, Burning Steppes?
I'm, of course, only judging this based upon what people have said, but no one seemed to have any strong feelings over a particular server.
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Actually Defias Brotherhood is now medium, and I think it'll stabilize itself soon enough.. 
I think we should stay there.

#34 Posted by Jazz (2323 posts) -
@Chronologist said:
" Actually Defias Brotherhood is now medium, and I think it'll stabilize itself soon enough.. I think we should stay there. "
thats fine, but we really need to make a choice and stick with it
#35 Posted by Chronologist (288 posts) -
Yes. You are right. 
Let's say this: If Defias is queued up again tonight we'll pick burning steppes, otherwise we will stay on Defias. Agreed?
#36 Posted by MysteriousFawx (439 posts) -

Agree'd, I've now got a level 10+ warrior on both so the name is reserved, now we see what happens :)

#37 Posted by Jazz (2323 posts) -


#38 Posted by JoeMarsden (335 posts) -

So, no one comfortable with Stormrage, then? Already got a guild setup, and the longest queue I've had is two minutes. Remember - the expansion has just come out, so queues won't be around for too long, I should imagine.

#39 Posted by Jazz (2323 posts) -
@JoeMarsden said:
" So, no one comfortable with Stormrage, then? Already got a guild setup, and the longest queue I've had is two minutes. Remember - the expansion has just come out, so queues won't be around for too long, I should imagine. "
....I don't know man. You've got Queues AND you're Alliance. I don't know if I could play Alliance....I have this twitch thing regarding gnomes and shoving daggers in their eyes. 
Seriously though, as I understand it we'd like to build up our own guild from scratch and initially include people from this forum before spreading like a nasty case of syphilis. That said, that's just my opinion...others here may be interested. 
#40 Posted by Chronologist (288 posts) -

All right. I would say it's pretty much prime time at the moment, and it looks like there's no queue.  
Seems like we'll be staying on Defias, guys!

#41 Posted by Jazz (2323 posts) -
I've spent the last couple of days leveling my druid on Burning I'mma re-roll something I haven't played before, I can't go through all that again just now.
Warrior, Priest or....Shaman? hmnmm
#42 Posted by blaze503 (198 posts) -

damn this makes me wanna get back into wow but i must resist for the sake of my degree.

#43 Posted by Gamer_152 (14286 posts) -

I have a female Blood Elf paladin on Defias Brotherhood now by the name of Schell. I look forward to seeing all of you guys on there.

#44 Posted by SadSack (11 posts) -

Could I join you guys, just got back into wow. 
Character name: Crabninja 
Class: Mage 
Race: Blood elf

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It says this realm is RPPVP does that mean everyone has to be in character all the time or what
I'm new to to this

#46 Posted by Jazz (2323 posts) -

No, you play how you like...which means i spend most of the time killing gnomes.

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Character name: thebatmobile 
Class: Hunter 
Race: Goblin 
Would love a GB guild on this server.

#48 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Defias eh?
I'll have a gander!

#49 Posted by Rehehelly (416 posts) -

I'm currently trying to resist buying cata and a months sub.. but.. i'm downloading the game client anyway cos I know i'll get sucked in. 
I'll prob make a trial char on Defias when I manage to, prob buy the full game after my january exams. 

#50 Posted by ToxicFruit (1886 posts) -

Just met some giantbomb members, it is really cool that you are coming to this server !, Gonna start up a new guy so i will be able to play with you  
Race: Goblin 
Class: Mage

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