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I find myself between a rock and a hard place. You see, I have been playing a human paladin for a long time. With the coming expansion, Cataclysm, new race/class combinations will be introduced, Tauren paladins in particular. I'm stuck on whether I should stay Alliance or make the switch to Horde. The things that have been pulling me to staying alliance is the new race, the worgen (Worgen Warrior Go!), and the new lore for the dwarves with things like the council of three hammers. There are a bunch of little lore things, but for now I won't go into them. The thing that is pulling me towards Horde is the new big faction leader, Garrosh Hellscream, who I think most of us can agree is better than Varian Wrynn and significantly less whiny. Also, all of the new horde storylines seem very exciting, with the forsaken/valkyr stuff and Garrosh punching dragons with his bare hands. Also, goblin shaman is calling to me. Also, the Alliance on my server is more laid back, with the excuse of one very big endgame guild. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated, and I hope this does not turn into a Horde vs. Alliance flame war that gets too out of hand.

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I prefer playing Horde myself.

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I think a lot of horde players hate Garrosh, hes a dick

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How about... whichever side your friends plays at.

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@Grissefar:  Real friends don't play WoW.
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play horde

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@plop1920 said:
" I think a lot of horde players hate Garrosh, hes a dick "
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I moved from Alliance to Horde just for a change of scene. My advice is stay with alliance because it sounds like you have a good alliance community, but just make a Horde alt to experience there side of things

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@Grissefar said:
" How about... whichever side your friends plays at. "
have to go with this.  MMO aint nothing if you dont like the people you play with. 
i prefer horde character models, but friends play alliance. 
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Play both, play one as your main, the other as your alt.
There's so much to experience now, you just have to see both sides!

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I played alliance for years. Then when I found out my new boyfriend played horde I switched. It never felt the same! But that might have been because I left my old realm too. I think you should try horde, there's no harm in giving it a shot surely? If you don't like it you can continue with your human paladin and then create your worgen in a couple of weeks.

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I agree with the people saying at least make a Horde character to experience the other side of things. It is quite significantly different. 
As for Wrynn I'll agree that he seems to be simply pissed off at the world and wants to take it out on the Horde. From a lore perspective this is understandable, what with being forced to be a gladiator and all, but it does make him very unlikable. On the other side you have Garrosh who is from the old school Horde mentality of crush and destroy but in an honorable way. Blizzard has basically put these two hot heads in charge simply as a reason for the Alliance and Horde to go at one another. Good a reason as any I suppose. 
As for my personal answer I have been a Horde player since the game came out. If it weren't for the Worgen being placed on the Alliance side I would probably have never really played an Alliance character. However, that's what I'll be maining now.
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lol wut

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@NikoAlexander57 Because your post mentions a lot about Lore... I guess a big question would be... are you on an RP server? 
But really, I have to agree that it depends on what your friends play, or how strong your ties to your guild are, etc.
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The only way to win... is not to play.

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Garrosh is a buster hope blizz kills him off quickly as he is retarded, in fact I hope the trolls kill him and take over org with the goblins (they both live in slums in org now) and the troll starting quests do have Vol'Jin pretty mad with him and promising to kill him

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@RiotBananas said:
" @plop1920 said:
" I think a lot of horde players hate Garrosh, hes a dick "
I'm starting to come around to him.  After playing through Stonetalon Mountains, you see that he actually does have a heart buried somewhere inside.  He still no Thrall though, but who is?
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You must be pretty intense when it comes to lore if that's why you're considering a faction change. It'd be wise just to roll an alt and see if you feel it's the right choice seeing as it does cost RL bucks to switch.

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i have played as Horde since Day 1 of WoW. I find the Horde far more interesting than the alliance in terms of in game story/ lore and lore from the books. Roll and Alt and spend some time in Awesometown 

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@plop1920 said:
" I think a lot of horde players hate Garrosh, hes a dick "
I felt the same way until I got to the end of "The Shattering" 
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Switch to real life, it's much better and much more fulfilling!! 

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@Warchief said:
" @plop1920 said:
" I think a lot of horde players hate Garrosh, hes a dick "
I felt the same way until I got to the end of "The Shattering"  "
I was about to say, after reading The Shattering I feel a little sympathy for Garrosh.
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I rolled Alliance paladin back in Vanilla WoW. Re-rolled Horde after BC released but stayed with pallies. Played BElf paladins until Trial of the Crusader. Around that time, I had so many problems with D/Cs in Dalaran that my fist went through my computer screen and ended my WoW career. I'm happier now not playing the game than I ever was as Horde or Alliance!

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@CL60 said:
" I prefer playing Horde myself. "
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Play a goblin mage and dominate everything.

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@NikoAlexander57: Garrosh is an asshole, that said, if you switch to Horde you can enjoy it firsthand whenever he gets his comeuppance.  Also eff the Alliance.
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Just got my Copy! Registering now!

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Break their bones.

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I used to play a human warrior, but now I've got 3 level 80 horde characters. For the Horde, man.

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