Wait time for DPS?

#1 Posted by swat200 (294 posts) -

did 4.1 help at all or is it not even worth coming back to just sit and wait 40 min per que still

#2 Posted by raynate2022 (321 posts) -

I've only done 2 heroics since patch, but I havn't waited longer than 15min. So maybe it is actually working

#3 Posted by Cymatics (97 posts) -

Pretty sure it's working, Now I feel like there is a point signing up for a pug, instead of just getting payed from other players, or running with my guild instead of ending up in a bad random. So I run a few runs with each of my 3 tanks. 

And I know at least 6 other tanks from the guild who feel the same way. Before we didn't bother. 
#4 Posted by Thrawnkkar (352 posts) -

Seems to work. Everyone in the giant bomb guild is seeing a good reduction in queues.

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