Any bombers playing this?

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I am well aware that the crew does not enjoy MMO's and that's perfectly fine, but is anyone else playing and enjoying this expansion? I have not seen many topics created since it was released. I find the new content to be great and I enjoy the emphasis on exploration when that has been absent since WotLK.

What are other peoples thoughts?

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I'm going to guess yes.

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@BongChilla: Theres an anchored topic in this forum for the official GB guild! Check it out and hope to see you!

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I was on a break from WoW for a while and was getting pretty heavily invested in GW2. All it took was for my wife to say "I want to make a panda" after seeing the commercial and here I am again, back playing WoW. I missed it, what can I say. I started playing on day 1 when it was initially released, took about a year break, and I'm back and loving it. Lots of changes too.

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I was skeptical at first but I'm loving it too now.

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