Mists of Pandaria beta starts tonight.

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You read that tittle right, according to MMO Champion the MoP beta is starting up tonight. No word on how many invites are going to be sent out at first or what all will be accessible at first. Still a lot of stuff is unknown, but yo, this is happening. If you bought the year long pass thing then you should be getting in earlier than most, but people can still opt in. Head over to the official site to learn how to do that.

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I would imagine it will be friends and family first. Probably will be a month or more before the general public gets in.

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Also, Blizzard said they would look at things like how long the account has been around and when people signed up for the pass when choosing who will get the first invites for the Annual Pass program. Probably want to make sure not to flood the servers right off the bat.

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I just got my invitation! 100k were just sent out. I've been playing since Feb. '05. Bought the pass thing right away when it came up last year.

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