Mists of Pandaria group!

#1 Posted by Spitznock (988 posts) -

Hey folks. MoP will be shortly upon us and with a fresh new landmass to explore and plenty of new things to do, I figured it would make sense for Giant Bombers to group up to do so.

The vast majority of my WoW buddies have parted ways, leaving poor ol me to my lonesome. If this is the case for any other folks out there, or heck, if you're new to the game or just looking for some new folks to bounce around with (That's a Pandaren joke. We have fun.), toss down your Battletag below and through the magic of cross-realm grouping, fun shall be had by all!

(And if you're on Eldre'Thalas and guildless, shoot me a tell!)

*NOTE* I'm sure we all just want to enjoy ourselves and have a fun time. If you're an elitist jerkface (and trust me, WoW has plenty), I'm sorry but you need not apply. =/

My Battletag is Spitznock#1668

Hope to see you folks online!

#2 Posted by Morningstar (2344 posts) -

Get out while you still can!

#3 Posted by Spitznock (988 posts) -

I wouldn't continue to play the game if I didn't enjoy it, sir.

#4 Posted by TheHumanDove (2521 posts) -

+new panda race from a place called pandaria


#5 Posted by TooWalrus (13360 posts) -
@TheHumanDove said:

+new panda race from a place called pandaria


This fantasy isn't high enough! Wah! 
The Pandas are really dumb, also, I love them. 
I also love World of Warcraft, and think this expansion will be awesome. 
...also, I'm not going to play it. Sorry WoW, I miss you, but I just don't have the god damn time. I'd rather spend the little free time I have playing other games...
#6 Posted by makari (652 posts) -

Giant Bomb still has a presence on US Ysera, let us show you our pokemans! Check the sticky!

#7 Posted by Dr_Acula (28 posts) -

I would say yall are welcome to join me on Blackrock but sadly we are, as always, full.

#8 Posted by DexterKid (677 posts) -

If anyone is interested in starting an EU guild, let me know, I'm ally on Shadowsong and horde on Anachronos.

#9 Posted by Ulain (329 posts) -

@Dr_Acula said:

I would say yall are welcome to join me on Blackrock but sadly we are, as always, full.

GTFO. There's always room on Argent Dawn though!

I won't be playing this though, and I'm incredibly happy about that. Have fun to the rest of you, though :)

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