Were Pandaria's 5-man Dungeons Ever Challenging?

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So I just exhausted Pandaria's questing content and started checking out the level 90 dungeons and such. They're painfully easy. Of course there's always one or the other raid-geared group member, but the absolute lack of need for any coordination is baffling to me. No crowd control. No aggro management. No interrupt rotations. No kiting. No finesse whatsoever. I didn't die a single time, playing these dungeons for the first time ever. It's literally devolved into an extremely forgiving *don't stand in the fire* tank and spank experience - all rush for rewards, at the cost of rewarding gameplay.

Evidently there's never been anything noteworthy to Pandaria's 5-man dungeons, challenge-wise. Or am I wrong?

I fondly remember the early months of Burning Crusade, when Heroics and the precursor Quests for admittance to higher tier raid dungeons were tough as nails - by the skin of our teeth affairs, which granted success only to masters of their craft. 5-man dungeons have really gotten way too shallow. It always was my favorite bit of WoW, and Blizzard has seemingly abandoned the concept of challenge for this type of content altogether. There's lots to see here, but all of it is fluff, and it won't last me for more than a handful of sessions. Guess gameplay of substance is being tiered farther and farther into the raid-centric endgame, so only hardmode/achievement-hunting raids get to enjoy proper World of Warcraft gameplay.

You, whom have been around for Pandaria's launch. Was there ever something to Pandaria's heroics?

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Challenging? To anyone decent? No. Could it be randomly at times? Yeah. Some of the achievements are difficult though I was able to get that meta fairly early after launch, not like week 1 or something though some people

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