Worth 40$ to upgrade?

#1 Posted by KillerClaw (91 posts) -

I've got the Battle.net 40$ deal for Cata + MoP, is the Cata and mop leveling worth paying for a month + 40? (I ended previously half way through cata raiding.)

#2 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

If you want to play wow it's worth it.

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Let me rephrase it then, is the questing worth it for a month's play time?

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I enjoyed the quest content from 85-90 there's a few storylines that are interweaved (horde side as far as i've experienced) through tons of phasing of the zones. There's alot more voice work in the quests as well so it's a bit more of a bearable grind.

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How about in Cata?

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After the beta, not for me personally.

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Any other opinions? I'm looking for a way to kill some time this weekend and have exhausted the AAA titles :P

#8 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

Nothing is mechanically different in CATA, the only difference is cut scenes, and only for high level content. It would not be worth it for me, so my answer would be no.

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@KillerClaw said:

I've got the Battle.net 40$ deal for Cata + MoP, is the Cata and mop leveling worth paying for a month + 40? (I ended previously half way through cata raiding.)

Only if you want to get back in.

The Pandaria continent was pretty fun for me, and I tend to stray away from leveling areas.

Also, Pandaria as an expansion only really gets you access to 86-90 questing areas, the related dungeons and mounts, and the monk class. You can play as a Panda without owning the expansion.

#10 Posted by KillerClaw (91 posts) -

Could someone send me a scroll of Resurrection so I could try it out at the very least?

#11 Posted by clstirens (854 posts) -

@KillerClaw: Sure, PM me your bnet email

#12 Posted by takayamasama (585 posts) -

I highly recommend it if you play WoW or are getting back into it. It is my favorite expansion they have done, and I loved the hell outa The Burning Crusade.

The world is pretty, it brought back the feeling of exploring the unknown that Cata threw out, and there is a lot of stuff to do, and an insane amount of stuff to do at 90.

It is much easier to approach now for more casual players, the Looking For Raid tool makes it possible to see the raids, get gear better then dungeons drop, without having to find a guild with a schedule that matches yours.

The new talent system, while simplified, I feel actually makes the game more diverse. The 3 choices each tier each are viable and are up to player preference 100%, unlike the old system, where 9 outa 10 times it boiled down to copying a cookie-cutter spec from a website.


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@KillerClaw: I have not done MoP yet, but Cataclysm was pretty solid if you're willing to get back into the WoW groove (which can be more difficult than you think). If you're willing to put in the effort to re-learn your class, you'll find some pretty compelling quest design.

If it wasn't for Guild Wars 2's lack of traditional questlogs and heavy ambient VO, I'd say that Cataclysm was the best MMO quest design out there, and I'm sure they've only gotten better with MoP.

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I was a little dissapointed in the lack of any competent end-game in GW2, at the very least I'll try out the trial I have now thanks to

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Well, that's the same exact question that could have been made at least 4 times before. If you hooked to the game, you will buy it anyways since you are addicted to it, even if it brings a single new dungeon and no new race at all.

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If you're actually considering spending the money, than youre obviously desperate for any new WOW content you can get, so I would assume that its worth the price.

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It wouldn't have been, quite honestly. I got through Cataclysm in about 2 days of causal play, got to ignore the level 85 area as well. MoP questing was pretty uninspired and cookie-cutter, the story was decent, but the questing was pretty much the same formula with one or two differences. I didn't end up paying anything in the end, but probably would have invested some time into the end-game if the questing was decent, but no.

Almost exactly 2 days of play time from 80 to 90, roughly 6 1/2 days of semi-casual questing. 2 of which were in Cataclysm, so 4 1/2 days for MoP.

#18 Posted by kindnivore (2954 posts) -

It is one of the better expansions, so I definitely recommend it. I haven't had this much fun in WoW since BC.

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