Fell off the wagon...

Posted by Gunner612 (4390 posts) -

So i officially did it.. The night before Thnaksgiving. I re-installed WoW after being clean for a year and made a new character on the server stormreaver, name is Juntun, hit me up.

#1 Posted by Gunner612 (4390 posts) -

So i officially did it.. The night before Thnaksgiving. I re-installed WoW after being clean for a year and made a new character on the server stormreaver, name is Juntun, hit me up.

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Been clean over 2 years now. I just can't imagine getting back in to it now, I'm so removed from it and never played BC at all.

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Well if you have ever had any urges to get back in, now is the time to do so. Sooo many things have changed sense i last played.

#4 Posted by coakroach (2493 posts) -

You will regret
It used to be about playing with a few friends of yours
But now you'll raid all the time with people you dont even know

WoW is a drug. Srsly.

#5 Posted by Gunner612 (4390 posts) -

I tried but blizzard hates me and wants to steal my money, i got to level 5 last night, took about 30 minutes, ill probably be on at around 8:00 EST tonight.

#6 Posted by Dalai (7775 posts) -

Isn't there a 12-step program for these things?

#7 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2916 posts) -

Same here. Clean for 2 years, installed it  yesterday.

#8 Posted by DJ_Lae (671 posts) -

I've been clean for two and a half years now - I felt a bit of a twinge last week, but I satiated that by buying Titan Quest and drinking a couple of beers.

#9 Posted by Psynapse (1084 posts) -

Lol you guys talk of wow like is heroin, its not...

I played wow for about 2 years, i havn't played it since January, its more of a compulsive thing to do, you get obsessed with a game and then compulsively play it.

I put about 180 days into my characters, then i figured out that its not worth it, even if you do have tier 5/6 gear... Don't get me wrong, its a great game, and an addictive one, but don't talk of it like its a drug, then that just gives you an excuse to play it all the time.
'Its not my fault i play wow 10 hours a day, i'm addicted mannnnn.'

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You can get addicted to WoW just like anything on earth. Alcohol isnt chemically addicting but there are still alcoholics and AA meetings.

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Has anything changed lower level when you first start out? I played back when it was just the basic WoW, no expansion. Haven't played since and I'm contemplating whether to start up again or not.

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It's not about an addictive game, its all about addictive behaviour.

If you can manage your own gametime with your everyday life, don't play. It's very stupid to blame a game when you're addicted to it. YOU'RE the problem, not the game.

But facing this reality would be, i guess, an adult reflection. Which is something you dont see much on forums...

#13 Posted by pause422 (6264 posts) -

The world must just have a large amount of people with addictive personalities then, because pretty much the only game anyone hears about like this is WoW, and its always said as if its a drug. Regardless of it in general being a joke, its kind of a joke that everyone accepts because its the most true, unlike other games.

#14 Edited by demonbear (1930 posts) -

YOU again.....

Guess what, YES theres lots of addicting personalities out there. A game is not like say cigarettes because there is NO physical reasons to justify an addiction. It's a GAME for christ sake. and of COURSE people will mention wow as an addictive game, that game is played by everyone and their moms at this point. Its just statistics.

YOU manage your own playtime. Yes its an mmo and there's a lot to do in it. But its also quite easy to logoff, the option is there and convenient and works fine. Use it.
I cannot believe someone, except maybe you, could think what im saying is incorrect.....

#15 Posted by pause422 (6264 posts) -

Its actually a fact people that easily get 'addicted' so to speak,(and there is a lot of them) can become so to pretty much anything that exist, it has nothing to do with it having a chemical in it to do so. I didn't say "WoW is a drug, quit it", I said out of any game that exists, this seems to be the one that most people associated with an 'addiction' so to speak, and regardless of the actual people playing it that feel this way easily being to blame, its still happening enough that you're pretty outnumbered in your argument, and the 'joke' that its crack has been around for years now, because of what people see it as. You are not right, you are giving your words of opinion on a forum like everyone else, so don't try something as ignorant as saying "how could you think I'm incorrect", because giving an opinion doesn't make you correct at all. This is common sense, but apparently over your head somehow, I suggest you accept it.

Feel free to reply back all you want if you want to make yourself sound even more stupid, could care a less how much of your own time you waste trying to prove something you never will, being that you are 'correct' and everyone else isn't.

Back to the actual discussion of this topic though, I could never get back into this game just because I found it boring from like level 1-15, just couldn't ever get into it for so many reasons, but hey, if you're completely enjoying yourselves playing it, and this expansion is really that decent, its good to hear, and have fun.

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We know you dont want to return to the game already, you're litterally running after wow threads to say it...

And what you are accepting as facts are NOT. Just because a bunch of people say they are addicted to a game means its true. Most of these people are enjoying and are playing too much because they like it.

REAL game addiction is more like this : " On-Line Gamers Anonymous (OLGA) is a twelve-step program for recovery from video game addiction established as a non-profit organization in the United States. OLGA was founded by Elizabeth (Liz) Woolley in 2002 after her son, Shawn Woolley, committed suicide while logged in to EverQuest. "

The guy commited SUICIDE. Thats fact. Try that sometime.

#17 Posted by pause422 (6264 posts) -

I was gonna say one more thing, but pulling down your bio and seeing your "you're always right, that's all you need to know" tells me enough that its not even worth it. So believe what you want, kids like you will believe they're right no matter what, so go ahead and think that.

#18 Posted by demonbear (1930 posts) -

Look, just go give your opinion on game you care about, we KNOW you don't like WoW now, I think you posted in enough WoW threads that every wow player on giantbomb knows you don't like it.

And i stand by what isaid, gaming addiction is 100% related to human behaviour, not the games themselves. Prove me wrong with actual facts or just go post in a Halo thread.

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