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Hey WoW players! Recently, I have been tempted into getting back into World of Warcraft but I was wondering if I could get some advice from you guys.

Would it still be fun to jump in now as a lvl 1?

Any server recommendations?

Is there a class and race that are very open and fun?

Thanks in advance.

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If your starting from lvl1, here are a couple tips.

  • Dont give up! Make sure you get to lvl 30 even if its boring. I cant stress this enough.
  • Pick the class you think will be FUN! Not best, there is no such thing as BEST
  • Dont buy the expansions yet.
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As I said in another thread, Azeroth (the pre-expansion world) will probably be a little barren right now as everyone is in the new content, but the game is extremely solo friendly and still as good as ever. As for class, I'd recommend a Paladin, they are super versatile (can be tanks, healers or damage dealers) and right now THE easiest class to solo in the game. As for server, go PvE or PvP depending on your preference. I like PvP, even if it means getting killed by a higher level guy occasionally, but the thrill of jumping a member of the opposing faction and winning is worth it, and WoW is not really rife with ganking, and death penalty is quite low. If you need any advice or whatever, feel free to PM me.

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I played until after BC, but maybe I can help.

Like Cartman said get to lvl 30, after 30 the real fun starts. That should not be too much of a problem right now cause I think they made level ups faster.
As for class it depends if you are going to solo or group with friends, if you want to make it simple tho just pick the class/race that looks and sounds the most fun to play.
As for servers, it comes down to PVP or not, that depends on your experience with MMO's and PVP, if you haven't played much MMO's like WoW in the past you should go for PvE if not then PvP is fun in WoW since the death penality isn't that bad.

you can PM me too if you have questions.
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I think you read my mind and asked the question that was on my status. You crafty bastard! Back when the mounts were given out at level 40, there was this little sickness going around called the 40's blues. Everyone got it, it was a slow down time once you hit level 40 and the game seems to drag on a bit. If that still exists, then I suggest just powering on through it. But decide whether or not you really want to get into the game, at all. Because, regardless, at level 40 you are going to have an urge to quit. You need to know, from level 1, whether that level 40 urge to quit is the 40's blues or you realizing that you don't like the game.

But, that might not even be around anymore. So...wutevz

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Personally I liked pvp servers the most as others said pick class that are fun. But I would recommend playing with a friend in the same realm. Reason I quit was that my friend stopped playing and that kinda ruined loudness in vent. So I guess just make crazy friends and it will truelly help your experience.

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What servers do you guys play on?

#8 Posted by DazbotAthertron (1014 posts) -

Draenor EU

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SpikeSpiegel said:
Would it still be fun to jump in now as a lvl 1?
Of course. WoW leveling is pretty enjoyable since it isn't an endless grind and you get to experience a lot of content and lore. Quests got even better on the latest expansion!
Any server recommendations?
Not really but I prefer PvP. PvE is good if you want less "intensity (engaging in PvP fights in the middle of a quest for example)" while leveling.
Is there a class and race that are very open and fun?

I'd say that every class is fun. It really depends on the gameplay you want or would enjoy better.

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