Is the faster leveling noticeable?

#1 Posted by TheGamerGeek (2878 posts) -

Because, I'm one of those people who don't exactly like to work to hard and I'm just wanting to know. Also, about how much is the lvl 30 mounts?

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If you're talking about the 2x levelling speed 20-60, which has been around for awhile: yes. If you're talking about the increased levelling speed in outlands (60-70): yes. If you're asking if levelling 70-80 in WotLK is an improvment over going 60-70, no it isn't. It'll take 1,500,000+XP for each level with 20,500XP being the average quest reward. You can do the math there.

The riding skill at 30 costs 35g, 10g for the mount itself and that's before Reputation discounts.

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Does everyone receive faster leveling between 20 and 60?

#4 Posted by BiggerBomb (7012 posts) -

I'm not too happy about this...

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SpikeSpiegel said:
"Does everyone receive faster leveling between 20 and 60?"
Yes, and the softer leveling from 60 to 70.
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The only way to level REEAALLY fast is to use the "Recruit a Friend" deal that will give you, and a friend you invite to the game, three times the normal XP from level 1 - 60. I just did this and MAN... 1-60 will blaze by in a weekend if you´re dedicated. The fact of the matter is that the constant +300% XP from quests will have you moving to the next area so fast you wont make enough money or gear to actually make it on your own so its good that you´re always 2 people. You need someone with a level 80 or so main to help you out with gold. When you get to level 60 its entirely possible to still have gear thats around level 10. Read more about this at the official site. If you´´re hella tired of leveling and feel you want a new char you might want to consider buying a new Battlechest and let someone invite you in via this deal. When you at level 58 you can split up and from there Outlands is +30% quicker all the time. And shazam, you´re at level 70 in notime.

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RAF is definitely fast as hell.  I was able to grind up 3 toons 1 - 60, in under 1 week, real time.  Then gifted myself a free 60 Druid.  8 ) 

Leveling has always been quick in WoW.  But now it's ultra fast.  The Devs clearly want more people to hit cap.  Thats when the game really starts.

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Only thing is that RAF once you hit 60 and the triple exp is gone and if you have like me been boosting since about lvl 8 you have to learn the class from scratch which is quite a task when you have like 50 spells you have nvr even used in your spellbook.

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Private servers are your friend bro

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Yes it is extremely noticeable and RAF only makes that much much more noticeable.

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