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So I have been spending a lot of time playing WotLK after taking a long hiatus from WoW, and I have to say it feels like a new game. Is anyone else in this boat or is it just me, I stopped playing for about a year and when Wrath came out I waited about another couple weeks then finally gave in. I started a Death Knight and yea the class is a little OP but man I love the way they play, and all the new content (not just raids/instances) everything is just wonderful.

I don't know, maybe it is just me, but the game does feel different...not crazy different, I mean its still WoW, but the splash of new content and Northrend being just beautiful the game feels really refreshing.

I guess what I am trying to figure out is, have other people been having this happen to them?
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Northrend is a HUGE step from Outlands in terms of atmosphere and general steamlining of the game. I can totally see where you´re coming from. Blizzard is constantly improving the game and if you take such a long break from it you will feel it when you get back. Northrend overall is a joy to level in with quests made much more engaging and "cool" and huge steps have been made to make the player feel more like an important cog in the overall machinery.
Also contributing to what you´re saying is probably the fact that when you´ve been playing the game for years you start to see more and more numbers and statistics and less and less of the actual game. The game itself becomes more of a tool for your statistic desires. When you take a break from that and then stray away from endgame content to start leveling again you get back to actually experiencing environments, story and questing. And its always a fantastic feeling !

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i played it for a month and quit, nothing beats pre bc WoW.

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