Question about running Warcraft (and not-so-great video cards.)

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So, I'm getting a new Netbook for Christmas. It's an HP Mini 110. I haven't gotten it yet, so I guess my question will be answered for sure in a few weeks, but I'd like to know now.  (It won't be my main computer for WoW, but I'd like to carry it around when I travel.)
The BestBuy had a store model set up (I'm ordering mine online, but it's the same computer). I went to the Can You Run It website, and choose Wrath of the Lich King. The result: Failure.
Why? Well, everyone was up to snuff, and then some. The only thing that was  a 'failure' was the video card. Even then, 2/3 requirements were checked. The only thing that was missing was "Hardware T&L." requirement.
Now, if any of you have computer experience, I'd like your input. If I install WoW on this computer, and the Hardware Texture & Lighting isn't up to snuff, what should I expect? Will it run at all, or just be dumbed down? Thanks in advance.

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Hate to say it but i doubt you will be able to play wow on a netbook. Netbooks aren't designed to run games at all as far as I know.

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It won't run at all, basically it means that it has no shading processor which is required for WoW. It should run Torchlight fine, however.

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I've run WoW on an Acer netbook, and it technically works. I had to leave it on the lowest settings, and it heated up like crazy, but it worked. I would not recommend it if it's your main computer, but if you just want to travel with it, it will work. Just don't try to raid or anything crazy like that. 

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Hey, thanks for the replies, and the extremely contradicting information! I guess we'll find out for sure in a few weeks.

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