Anyone want a free copy of WoW?

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Was browsing my e-mail and got a thank you message for being a veteran.  But i really don't know what else to do with the code.  So i'll post the code below.   It's just a free copy of the base game, which is still selling for like 20$.   Lemme know if the code actually works if someone decides to redeem it.  I was thinking it was a phishing e-mail at first but seems legit from what i found on the blizzard forums and reading the e-mail headers.  I just posted the screengrab incase i was wrong about any shady links.  Just go to and redeem it there.
*edit* seems code was taken, feel free to share any codes if you ended up getting the e-mail too.

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Free copy of wow but only for 30 days... Unless I'm missing something here.

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@Delphye: standard for MMO's.  You buy the game, you get 30 days free before subscriptions kick in.  You'll still have the game in your account unlike trial accounts where you actually have to purchase the game + subscription fee after the trial if you want to continue.
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Begone drug dealer! 
Kidding. Good luck whoever gets it.

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Sounds interesting. Too bad you still have to pay a subscription fee after the 30 days though.

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@Delphye: It's what you would get if you bought the game in a store. You have to pay the monthly fee after the free month you get with the box.
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I see. Been out of the mmo game for years now.

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MMOs bore me out, but this is very generous of you :)

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I got one of those codes as well. PM me if you want it.

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Number has been taken now.

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