Anyone want to level with me?

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I bought an account for my bro since it was on sale, he got a horde shaman with me to level 33 and then went back to playing shooters lol. So now I've got an extra account that is sitting. Just looking to take advantage of the recruit a friend 3x exp bonus that the accounts share and I've run out of people to ask. You gotta be dedicated though, because if I out level you too far then the xp bonus stops. Once we hit 85 and the bonus ends, I don't care what you do, stay in the guild and have fun with us at 90 or do your own thing. Pacific time zone preferred. My choices are either give account to friend's boyfriend who probably won't play much, or find complete stranger who really wants to play. You can start a different character if you want, just get it to 33 and we'll continue. I'm just trying to get my priest to 90 quickly, and either I do it the long way, or find someone who will help speed it up.

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I will !! id be happy to !

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