Anyone Want To 'Scroll of Resurrection' Me?

#1 Posted by mazik765 (2343 posts) -

If I understand correctly, Blizzard allows you to use a scroll of resurrection to send an invite to a friend who has had an inactive account for more than 90 days and if they renew their account you get a free month. Well I've decided to boot up the addiction again after a year of absence, so is there anyone who plays the game that would like to give me an invite and get the free month? :)
Please only respond if you actually will play the game during the month.

#2 Posted by gakon (2009 posts) -

I can.  I'll shoot you a PM.

#3 Posted by Nasos100 (762 posts) -

i would be able aswell but since gakon offered first its only fair he sends it. Also GL going back to WoW :D

#4 Posted by MythDarK (595 posts) -
@mazik765:  You can only be "resurrected" if your account haven't been upgraded by any of the expansion packs though.
#5 Posted by gakon (2009 posts) -
@MythDarK said:
" @mazik765:  You can only be "resurrected" if your account haven't been upgraded by any of the expansion packs though. "
It does say that in the FAQ, but I Scroll of Rezz'd my brother's account once and he has a Wrath of the Lich King account.  So I think it works.
#6 Posted by melcene (3214 posts) -

Yeah, you can Scroll of Rez accounts with expansion packs.  The account just needs to have been inactive for 90+ days. 
Too bad I hadn't seen this sooner.  I'll warn you though, just having come back myself over this last week after being gone since earlier this summer... A LOT has changed.  It's fairly overwhelming at first.

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