"Bradster"... WAT

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It's not uncommon and it's allowed.

Here's one guy with all his 50 accounts at once.

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I used to dual-box, dipped into multi-boxing with four accounts and characters a few times for a laugh but felt two were enough. Maybe some of you guys met me on the Euro server I played on with a name that escapes my mind, before I quit in August 2008, I did a shadowpriest duo, a moonkin duo, goofed off and RPed as a blood elf warlock duo. I used two computers when for my quadbox trials, but only a single one for dual-boxing with in-game scripting and a Logitech G11 keyboard to control the client not on top while playing the primary one.
But the kinda stuff listed above isn't multiboxing.  It's a mental disease.

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Oh my god that's amazing.

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36 WoW accounts, 11 computers... That is disgusting.

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That my friends, is the very definition of "hardcore gamer" lol. As ridiculous as that term is I can't think of anything else to describe this.

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This has been done long before WoW, and is pretty much common knowledge in MMO circles.

There have been many articles written on the subject of multiboxing over the years if one wishes to educate oneself.

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That same picture was plastered over an article of someone having 14 accounts many years back, not 30, so who knows.

Edit: Or maybe it was a similar picture since I found this

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Then there was this dude 40-boxing in pvp recently.

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Does he have a guild consisting only of himself called "Team Bradster"?

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