Cataclysm needed for new Race/Class combo?

#1 Posted by TheC0ndor (21 posts) -

When Cataclysm comes out i wanna start a troll druid, but this will be my first time playing the retail game(private servers before). I wasn't sure so i thought i would ask here!!!

#2 Posted by Mrskidders (1298 posts) -

Nah, you won't need it.  You won't be able to use worgens and Goblins though.

#3 Posted by TheC0ndor (21 posts) -

Ehh Battlechest is $10 on Black Friday and ill just get wotlk for 30 and ill be good to go for Cataclysm, thanks!

#4 Posted by gakon (2008 posts) -

As a sidenote, it's been announced that race changing an existing character to a new race/class combo will not be possible until Dec. 7.  So while you're free to make a Troll Druid as of tomorrow, I can't take my current Tauren Druid and race change him.  Not quite relevant to you as a new [retail] player, but worth pointing out for any existing players reading this.

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