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Not sure what's happening here, but I follow the instructions to the letter and yet they still aren't claiming for me. Is there something I'm missing or a post somewhere that explains it better? I tried forum searching, but came up with nothing. Thanks in advance!

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Not sure what you are trying to do.

Maybe you went into specifics i could be of a little more help but the way you wrote this i am not exactly sure what you are trying to do, are you trying to retrieve a hacked character? Trying to claim your refer a friend reward?

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My bad. What I meant was, under achievements where you have "Manage Accounts" and can add WoW toons to your achievements list, it keeps telling me the character(s) doesn't exist. When I go to claim the character(s) and follow the procedure of replacing my main hand with a fishing pole and logging out, it still doesn't claim them.

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If anyone knows, would you please send me a pm or post here. Thank you very much!

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@Shidira: Do you mean for adding the character to your achievements on Giant Bomb? If so, I'm not too sure what to tell you. Just make sure that you have the right region and the right realm selected and double check the spelling of the characters' names that you're trying to add. For some reason the older character I have activated on GB is listed as not existing, though it still adds all my points up correctly, and I just tested adding another character and that character added to the achievements list just fine.

If after double checking the region, the realm, and the spelling, you still can't get your character(s) added, you may need to get into contact with the mods about it to see if they can help, or if it's a known problem that started up due to a) tags or b) account wide achievements being put in place. (if I had to guess, it would be B, since that's something that was just added and I, personally, haven't logged in under the new account wide system yet, so it may not have 'registered' yet and so my characters are, thus far, unaffected. Not sure.)

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Most likely a region issue. Make sure you're choosing your realm in your region (EU or US), if you choose your server in the EU realm list instead of the US, it will say it can't find your character.

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I ended up having to just delete them from my "Manage Accounts" section, then just re-add them and they showed up. Thank you all for the help, it's greatly appreciated!

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wow, good answer. I learnt more about this.

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@henry1989929 said:

wow, good answer. I learnt more about this.

Oh God, it's happening!

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@TooWalrus said:

@henry1989929 said:

wow, good answer. I learnt more about this.

Oh God, it's happening!


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