Do you think World of Warcraft could work on an iPad

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I've barely played WoW, but I'm just wondering if anybody thinks a iPad version would be a viable way to play.  Imagine how much more time people could sink into WoW if they could bring it with them on a bus, or subway.  Also, I wonder if blizzard could make a tie in game for iPhone and iPods that maybe earns you gold or something to bring into the full game.

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fuck no

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Ye...not a chance.

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It works on the famicom

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Only with faceroll classes.

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No joke, I'd buy an iPad if I could. 

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Maybe for like super casual players but no way in hell you could raid with one.

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Yes but you need to run it through a streaming service like OnLive or a remote desktop.   

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I suppose it's possible, but I wouldn't ever play it. To be fair, I don't play WoW anyway.

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Yes, but it probably wouldn't want to fun. Like the Wii and Ds, the best games on the platform are the ones developed for it because of the unique control scheme.

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Not for any level of serious play.

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Probably, but I'd rather they put a GOOD MMO on the iPad. I'd totally buy one, then.

#18 Posted by christ0phe (1033 posts) -
@EvilTwin: I mean, you pretty much just click to kill the enemy on PC
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It would work, but you couldn't play it to save yourself.

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@christ0phe said:

@EvilTwin: I mean, you pretty much just click to kill the enemy on PC

I guess the same thing could be said of any game really. "Just push A to kill." 
I'm just raging against the idea of games getting touch controls shoehorned into them because of the popularity of iPhones and iPads.
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@christ0phe: hehe... no

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