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Ok here is the thing. Now that Cata is coming out soon, there has been a relatively big increase in the number of people joining WoW.  Since there is no EU GB guild from what i've seen i think it would be a great idea to create one.  The best way for that to happen is to reroll on a new realm, so that there are no level differences, and see as much of the world before cataclysm hits. Realm, and Faction choices will be discussed on this realm. Looking at some other threads here, ive found a couple with the same purpose but no real response.
Many of you ( including me) may already have high level characters and a lot of  you havent started yet. So thats why i believe we should 'reroll' on a new realm, both for old and new players alike. No DK of course due to level difference. 
I know a lot of people found their leveling up a tired proccess but believe me its more fun with 5+ players. Seeing there are mostly US people here on GB, it would be a hard task finding the people for this but i believe its worth it. What do you say GB? 
If you are intersted but are waiting for other people's responses you can send me a PM and we will see how it will work out. Again unless people post to say if they like it, this wont go anywhere. But after the first few the number of people will increase dramatically. Unfortunately thats the way of things.
 And remember : a GB guild wont just be a posse of sorts it'll be more of an in-game community.
 Ok so for now its me and Chronologist. PM one of us to say if you are up for this ! :D

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Im interested. 

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I'm definitely interested as well if enough people are up for it. :)
Been wanting to get into Cata anyway, but would love to do it with some duders.

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I'm not that big of a WoW player but this sounds like a cool idea. My server is Nagrand just for the record.

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@Gamer_152:  the idea would be for all the GB members to 'reroll' on a new realm. Theres no chance the people here are all from the same realm
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Lets see how many more we can get for this. Its a neat idea if enough people are up for it.

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I could definately make a character to join the guild but I probably wouldnt be so active. 

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ok in order to make this a bit more organised, everyone that has made his mind about this should send me a PM ( including the guys that posted here ) so i can make some sort of plan in the original post. That way we can know how we are doing

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Depends. Would you play on PVP servers or non-PVP? I've come to seriously hate PVP with a passion in WoW.

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I'm down with this. But I won't be playing any WoW until late december.

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@Von: We'd figure the realm /  faction stuff as we go. For now we need people that are up for it
Once we get a definite number of people we will create some polls to see where we stand and all
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Count me in for this, I'm real easy on faction/realm as I played at university with housemates who no longer subscribe. Got a 60 day gamecard today to check out the 4.0.1 changes :)

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I'm curious to see where you guys head with this one - my girlfriend and I have played casually for years, and are keen to experiment with Goblins at the very least once Cataclysm arrives.
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I'm in, haven played WOW in ages and when I did I only got to Level 30 so it'll be nice to see some higher level content.

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