Giant Bomb Guild

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I just did a search and didnt see anything pop up but is there a server with a Giant Bomb Guild? I am just getting back into WoW and it would be cool if there were some GB duders to play with.

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I think there was a Horde guild that kind of died down mid MoP. I'm hoping that there's enough renewed interest next expansion as I'm also looking, but for Alliance.

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yeah there is/was a guild on ysera horde and zuljin horde(server transferred to try and keep the raid alive i think) but it is pretty much dead. I think 1 or 2 people might log in from time to time so it might work if you just want a place to level in in peace. I dont know if anyone that was in the guild is interested enough to come back for more than a month or 2 for the next xpac but it could probably be revived if enough people are interested in it.

edit: it seems that some people re still hanging out in the zuljin server guild

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I just got into it again as well. Would be cool to have a giant bomb guild.

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@superpow: if you wanna check out the zuljin guild just whisper anyone whos online and tell them your from giantbomb and they should get ya an invite.

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