How likely are you to play this again?

Posted by kadash299 (340 posts) 1 year, 6 months ago

Poll: How likely are you to play this again? (145 votes)

Currently Playing 17%
Maybe in the next Expansion 27%
Never played, Never Will 16%
Played for years, not interested now 32%
Whats World of Warcraft? 3%
See Results 6%

A friend of mine and i were talking about the next Xpac, and we were curious how many people planned to play this game again?


#1 Posted by kadash299 (340 posts) -

Also: if you'd play again if:

"Id play if my friends got it"

Post below!

#2 Posted by DexterKid (677 posts) -

I'm taking a break from it right now, but will definitely go back for WoD.

#3 Posted by ToTheNines (1157 posts) -

Never touched it, one of the few. Afraid I might like it.

#4 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (667 posts) -

They recently had MoP for $10 so I picked it up and subscribed for a month after not playing for more than 2 years, hit lvl 90 with my main, ran a few heroics, and haven't played since. I may pick it up again when the next expansion comes out if the friends start playing again, but I may just end up waiting for it to be cheap in 2 years or so and do the same thing.

#5 Posted by jking47 (1266 posts) -

I played for a few months when the game was pretty new, got bored fast. If I ever do decide to get back in a MMO it will be EVE Online.

#6 Edited by Random45 (1460 posts) -

Played this game from 2004-2011. To say that I'm burnt out on the MMO genre is an understatement. I didn't even touch Mists of Pandaria, and I doubt this next expansion is going to change anything. Though I am glad that they're giving the spotlight to the Draenei, since they've been insignificant to the overall story ever since Burning Crusade.

#7 Posted by slyspider (1573 posts) -

I started playing as I do once every year or so, want to get a max lvl toon before new expo

#8 Posted by medacris (711 posts) -

I'm in the boat of "Never played, can't afford the monthly fee, really hoping it goes completely F2P before they kill it completely." I've actually never really played an MMO at all because of this dilemma.

#9 Posted by crusader8463 (14756 posts) -

I have never enjoyed my time with it, but I have a friend who always plays it and every year or so he manages to convince me that this time will be different and I try it for a month. It never sticks.

#10 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

I played it with a bunch of friends for a few years. Eventually everyone quit one by one. So did i. Unless i get convinced by a bunch of friends to play again, im done.

#11 Posted by afabs515 (1492 posts) -


#12 Posted by Mike (14593 posts) -

I played a long time ago. Haven't touched it in years and years. I was recently talking to a friend of mine who is still an active raider. As I was listening to him talk about the game, it was all so foreign to me that he may as well have been speaking a different language.

#13 Posted by davidwitten22 (1712 posts) -

Tried the starter edition a couple times and never got into it. That probably has less to do with the games quality and more to do with the fact that I just don't really "get" MMORPGS.

#14 Posted by TooWalrus (13344 posts) -

100% likely. I haven't played "seriously" since BC, but every time an expansion comes out, I'll take a few weeks, hit the level cap, quest out most of the zones, do some very early raids before getting bored with the grind and quitting again. I'm actually looking forward to the Warlords expansion, it's been awhile!

#15 Edited by SMTDante89 (2759 posts) -

Haven't played it at all, doubt I ever will. I just don't seem to stick around with MMORPGs for very long, and I doubt World of Warcraft would change that so I never bothered to get started.

#16 Posted by Karkarov (3387 posts) -

Played in vanilla and stuck through to about a month into Wrath and quit. Came back about two months after Cataclysm launched and stayed with that until the day it ended. Didn't buy Mists, no intention or interest in buying whatever the new expansion is. In fact I have so little interest I don't even know what it is called and only know you go back to outland for some reason.

#17 Edited by zombiepenguin9 (552 posts) -

Never played it. At this point, I think I like the mystery of what it could be more than whatever it actually is.

#18 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (1651 posts) -

Played it for 8(I think) years, I bought on launch day, quit after I killed the Lich King.

Game's end game content got really easy, and the badge system was an awful idea.

#19 Posted by segajupiter (35 posts) -

I quit after earning the "Death's Demise" title - I had a blast endgame raiding, but after several years of solid raiding, I grew tired of the timesink and kicked the habit.

#20 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7736 posts) -

I'll play it again if I get into a beta for some Blizzard game and then sell the key for $250, seemed to work out well the last time.

#21 Posted by VeggiesBro (170 posts) -

I played this for years, mainly as a dedicated raider. I really liked it when it was new, but after a few years of playing, I totally lost interest. I just don't have the interest to do the same grindy things over and over again.

#22 Posted by TheBlackPigeon (335 posts) -

I played for a month and only a month. I haven't gone back since, and I never will. Diablo is all the Blizzard I need, really. :p

#23 Edited by Zor (717 posts) -

I was thinking about it for a long time, but i decided that i shoudn't. My backlog of games is over 50 long, and i don't have the time to spend in a mmo... but then again...

#24 Posted by Morningstar (2327 posts) -

I'll never go back. 6 years was enough.

#25 Posted by Subjugation (4827 posts) -

I, and a lot of my raiding guild, ended up quitting around the end of Wrath of the Lich King after we finally finished Heroic 25-man Lich King and got our "the Light of Dawn" titles. The amount of raiding hours we had to put in every week just burned people out. The heavy amount of nostalgia I have for the game does make me miss it at times though. I'm not sure I could go back with the current state of the stats/numbers in the game. They are seriously ridiculous.

#26 Posted by alanm26v5 (546 posts) -

Fewer and fewer people I used to play with still play and the breaks I take from it are getting longer, and I usually pick up another MMO in its place, but I keep coming back to WoW. I think I'm done until at least WoD though. I've invested far too much time and still enjoy it to be able to ignore an expansion completely.

#27 Posted by Sergio (2765 posts) -

Never again. Playing it was one of the worst decisions I ever made.

#28 Posted by SpoogeMcduck (211 posts) -

I play it but about to stop again. Left for a couple years and now I just come back when expansions come out and I see whats new for awhile, then leave again. My guild has about 350 people in it but when I log in now there's only a couple people on so it feels pretty dead.

#29 Posted by ajamafalous (12547 posts) -

I'll probably check it out at some point, but I've mostly lost my patience with WoW. I played heavily up until TotC game out during Wrath, then quit, came back for another month or so at the end of Wrath, quit, signed up for that year of WoW to get Diablo III free (I didn't think the game was worth buying as a sequel to Diablo II because I didn't like the direction they were going with everything when I played it in the beta (I was right)) during Cata and played it casually for another 3-4 months, quit, came back when MoP was on sale for $15-20 and played for like 2-3 weeks, but I didn't even hit 90 before I'd had enough.

I read about the changes from Blizzcon (I guess they were from Blizzcon?) that they're making to a bunch of the stats and systems and mechanics and stuff, and a lot of it is stuff I've been wanting them to do since fucking BC, so I'm at least intrigued by the thought of playing again. We'll have to see what other MMOs are out around then and how they compare; I'm almost guaranteed to be more interested in a new MMO (like Wildstar or something) than I am to be jumping back into WoW yet another time. It's much more fun to explore a totally new gameworld and learn new mechanics than it is to retread the same familiar ground from a decade ago with some slight mechanical tweaks: too often I just end up wishing they hadn't changed everything.

#30 Posted by Milkman (18095 posts) -

I currently playing it right now (Blizzard sent me 7 free days of game time for some reason) and I'll probably re-up when the new expansion comes out. But so far...I don't know. I'm not too into it. I have a level 90 but I'm always scared to jump into heroics as a healer because of how on and off I play. I never remember my rotations or anything when I jump back in. I started a new character last night who's at level 16 right now and questing was a real shitty experience. Maybe Ghostlands is just a bad area but I had zero fun getting to this point. Now I have the dungeon finder so I'll probably just grind out levels by running dungeons now but yeah....I don't know.

#31 Posted by Strife777 (1801 posts) -

I played for like a month like 2 years ago. Had some fun with it, but I will never play it again. No interest whatsoever.

#32 Posted by DeadeyeMcCoy (271 posts) -

I kind of got it in my head that I'd resub once they launched new character models like two years ago when I stopped playing. And, well, they're doing that. So I'm gonna resub for WoD. Priorities, you know?

#33 Posted by Glottery (1552 posts) -

Currently "playing", as in logging maybe 2-4 times a week to level an alt or to do some old raids. The game has changed a lot, but one of the better reasons for my inactivity is the fact that most people I've known since starting it (early 2006) have quit by now. They really were enough of a reason to log, even if you sometimes wouldn't do anything else than chat with them for a few hours or so.

But like in the past, my WoW activity gets a surge with the new expansion.

#34 Posted by kadash299 (340 posts) -

These are basically the results i expected. I figured i'd see more interest in the new expansion though.

#35 Posted by Kidavenger (3944 posts) -

If I had the time, I'd play again. Can't say I miss it too much though.

#36 Posted by HatKing (6565 posts) -

I said played for years but never again. That's not entirely accurate. I only played for a few months, but I was pretty dedicated during that time. It practically served as my one source of social activity during that time. I was working third shift and living pretty far from my friends. Things eventually changed and I fell off that game real quick. Not sure which happened first. If I ever returned, it'd only be to see how wildly different things are now. I have no interest in playing again.

#37 Posted by Humanoid (213 posts) -

WoW feels pretty stale and with these new consoles out, I doubt I'll both returning.

#38 Posted by Kaiserreich (829 posts) -

Never played it, never will.

#39 Posted by Marz (5755 posts) -

usually hop in every expansion to see what's changed and then interest wanes about a month after.

#40 Edited by BeachThunder (13365 posts) -
#41 Posted by Rattle618 (1504 posts) -

Im waiting for it to go f2p so I can go back to it... so many good memories.

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