I haven't played in almost a year

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And I don't intend on going back - BUT, I do still follow some of what's going on with the game and I noticed they are changing a lot of stats with the next expansion.  I was curious as to what some current players thought of the changes....
I for one have to say "It's about time" for some of these. I always thought the system was getting overcomplicated with adding new types of stats to equipment, especially when there was already a stat in place to do the same thing. The worst offender to me was MP5 - I played a priest primarily, and I couldn't understand why they couldn't just have spirit correlate to mana regen properly - so I'm glad they're changing that. I'm also glad that INT will boost spellpower - I was playing the game when it first came out and there was not really any spellpower on items at all, so casters went for INT, STAM, and CRIT. Indeed this pleases me. I think the changes to healthpools are also excellent, though I would question the decision to devalue armor in the same way. Getting rid of Weapon Skill as a stat is also excellent. It was so boring as a raiding rogue in 2006 to find out that weapon skill was better for raid DPS than crit, AGI, AP, etc. BIG NUMBERS are where it's at. Much more fun in my opinion. That's all off the top of my head. I thought it sounded good, almost enough to make me want to start  <strike>snorting</strike> playing again.  Not quite though.

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i quit a year ago, too
but i don't follow it anymore at all and i'm not really tempted to start with the cataclysm... but i have said that more than one time already... :D 
i'm one of those people who still think vanilla wow best... stealthing around the blackrock and picking out single enemies with my gutgore ripper was just awesome... then TBC arrived and the flying mounts killed open PvP :( 
anyway, didn't they plan to buff spirit for years now?

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I haven't played WoW since June of 2009 when I finally got a job again. I am now looking foward to Final Fantasy 14, which Final Fantasy 11 got me into WoW in the first place. My laptop sucks in playing WoW and I got a PS3 for $300 instead of a ridiculously expensive computer around $1000

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