Recommend me a PvP EU realm

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I added my time card for 2 weeks now but didnt get to play still. Now im going to start, again with the new changes that were added. ( For those that dont know the major changes are IN. Revamped areas, cities, new starting locations for trolls, gnomes etc. What is NOT in are worgen, goblins and the 80-85 areas) Im playing on EU and want some people to recommend me some good pvp realm. Im not into raids and stuff so raid proggress isnt that important. What is important is how many people show up for wintergrasp, battleground queues etc.
 Also if you can estimate the balance and get into detail about the people in it i would be as grateful as hell. Example: 20% of the realm speaks in some Slavic language, The ratio of Alliance, Horde is 5 : 1, lots of children. I dont know why you would be playing in a realm like that yourself, but you never know. 
Furthermore, i will probably go Alliance, so how does it look for that side specifically?  Im not too picky but i dont want to enter a pretty 'bad' realm.   
PS: If you really like your realm and think its good please dont write something like: You should play in X cause its awesome!  That wont help me make my mind, really. So thanks in advance.

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Don't go to any realms in Cyclone (the most competitive battlegroup EU) unless you speak Swedish.

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