The "i want to be resurrected" thread

#1 Posted by RedRoach (1219 posts) -

So if you haven't heard Blizzard has this new thing going. If you're a former WoW subscriber but no longer playing, another player can ressurect you.

If you are resurrected you get:

A free upgrade to Cataclysm, no need to buy any of the expansions.

Bump a character up to level 80 instantly

7 days of free time.

Some other smaller stuff.

So if you want to be resurrected just post here, hopefully someone who's playing will see, you can get in contact with them and get it done.

I want to resurrect someone for the free mount, so if anyone's interested PM me the email tied to your account and I'll resurrect you.

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@Jason_Bourne: Is this bad?

Should I do this?

Where does this dark path lead?


I think I'd like a resurrection. I really want to play Cataclysm. God help me.

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Can someone please give me a scroll of resurrection? :) I'd greatly appreciate it!


Got one! Thanks

#4 Posted by Appuh (44 posts) -

Interesting. Anyone have such a scroll for me?

#5 Posted by Jadeskye (4368 posts) -

It's been about 2 years since i played. Can i have a scroll of resurrection?

#6 Posted by doobie (605 posts) -


#7 Posted by Robot_Moses (110 posts) -

@Appuh: @Jadeskye: Has anyone sent you guys one yet? I will if you still want.

#8 Posted by Ruisu (60 posts) -

I haven't Played in about a year and I wanna play over the summer anyone is there anyone out here that could ress me?

#9 Posted by Pobearo (108 posts) -

I had fun playing WoW, but I'm not trying to lose my life to a game. I learned my lesson the first time. Plus, Warcraft is dying that's why they're pulling all of these marketing shenanigans. I can't see the game making it another 2 years.

#10 Posted by Rattle618 (1456 posts) -

Does anyone want to res me? I feel like jumping back into the time blackhole, at least for a month or two.

#11 Posted by kindpixel (2864 posts) -

I'd like a resurrection :)

#12 Posted by Brunchies (2484 posts) -

I'm no sure if I want to be sucked in again and have to download 30 GBs of data and only have 3 to 4 days to play, other then that how does the mac version of wow run, I'm running out of space on my windows hard drive. I

Other then all that I would like a scroll so I don't have to succumb to Tor.

#13 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1539 posts) -

Don't the person who gives you the scroll also get like a free month of playing time if that person ends up subscribing? 

#14 Posted by Boboblaw (342 posts) -
@sins_of_mosin: yeah and a mount
#15 Posted by Robot_Moses (110 posts) -

@sins_of_mosin: @Boboblaw: There's no free month anymore, sadly. Just the mount. It's a pretty fugly mount too.

@Brunchies: @ccampb89: @Rattle618: PM me the email you use for and I will send you invites if you haven't gotten any already.

#16 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1539 posts) -

Ahh ok.  I remember doing that refer a friend and getting XP bonus, port to each other or such, and that mount.  That was pretty cool idea but didn't go far enough to really attract new players.

#17 Posted by Ruisu (60 posts) -

*update I got my SOR from a buddy.

#18 Posted by Robot_Moses (110 posts) -

@sins_of_mosin: That still exists, but the big incentive for this one is the free copy of Cataclysm. With recruit-a-friend you're stuck at Burning Crusade.

#19 Posted by Heltom92 (716 posts) -

If anyone can send me a scroll I would be most grateful, I'm in the EU not sure if that makes a difference.

#20 Edited by Manatassi (791 posts) -

@Heltom92: You need to leave your Char name and Realm :P

Anyone in the EU area wants one I don't mind sending some out.

#21 Posted by Hyper_Bunny_Meow (189 posts) -

Same here I would love to send someone a scroll as I really would like the 2 new mounts. :)

Drop me a PM if you want a refer a friend or resurection scroll im on eu server if it helps any.

#22 Edited by Sayishere (1841 posts) -

This may sound bad of me, but i want the mount you get from the resurrection scroll, so if your interested, im EU btw, i can sort you out.

PM me if your interested. (your battlenet email is needed)

#23 Posted by punkrockerlhs (4 posts) -

I would like to get a scroll of res i havnt played in like a year

#24 Posted by Klei (1768 posts) -

I want to have a res scroll. Anybody could help a brother out? Thanks. I'm in North America.

#25 Posted by DoctorWelch (2765 posts) -

Damn this is genius, this might actually be the thing to suck me back in.

#26 Posted by dawnofthesean (92 posts) -

I haven't played since 2011 but I would totally love a resurrection spell.

#27 Posted by FFAnderson31 (5 posts) -

I would love a SoR


#28 Posted by Shookems (474 posts) -

Is this still going on?

#29 Posted by FFAnderson31 (5 posts) -

@Shookems: Blizzard Support just told me to get a SoR before I buy time to get the package

#30 Posted by Shookems (474 posts) -

That's awesome. The guys talking about WoW on the bombcast has me curious again. If anyone has a scroll they want to pass along I will gladly take one.

#31 Posted by FFAnderson31 (5 posts) -

@Shookems: haha I know right! I need one too! Having a tough time though trying to get a SoR

#32 Posted by buft (3320 posts) -

@FFAnderson31: i sent you one

#33 Posted by buft (3320 posts) -

@Shookems said:

That's awesome. The guys talking about WoW on the bombcast has me curious again. If anyone has a scroll they want to pass along I will gladly take one.

pm me your email and i will send one tommorow

#34 Posted by FFAnderson31 (5 posts) -

@buft: does it go to my email or Not sure how it works

#35 Posted by Shaka999 (502 posts) -

Hell, I came real close to buying a 1-month and playing again, but if this is still going on I'd give it a shot. PM me if you've got one lying around; I'm on the US servers if that matters.

#36 Posted by bibamatt (1091 posts) -

Anyone looking for a Scroll of Resurrection? PM me your realm and character name and I can send you one over.

#37 Posted by FFAnderson31 (5 posts) -

How long does it take to get a SoR?

#38 Posted by buft (3320 posts) -

takes a few hours, they go out in batches

#39 Posted by LangarN (131 posts) -

Does the "account must have been inactive (without an active subscription) on or before March 4th, 2012" still apply or has the date changed?

My account went inactive the 7th of March -_-

#40 Posted by adoggz (2046 posts) -

@LangarN: i believe so, but i have heard of people contacting bliz support and getting something if they were just past the cutoff date. of coarse that could all be lies.

#41 Posted by Hyper_Bunny_Meow (189 posts) -

Feel free to PM me if anyone would like a SoR, Im on the EU servers so sadly i cant help anyone on the US side.

#42 Posted by FateOfNever (1855 posts) -

So, anyone still wanting to give out a scroll of resurrection to someone in the US? Been almost a month since any activity here, but, figured I'd check.

#43 Edited by StrikeALight (1115 posts) -

I'm also willing to send out an EU SoR, if anyone needs one.

I got mine a couple of weeks ago (I hadn't played since vanilla in 2005), so got all the expansions for free, and selected a disc Priest to be boosted to lvl 80. Firstly though, I'm gonna take my time and enjoy levelling a NE feral Druid to 85, just to experience most of the content.

The game is just a joy to play, and I've managed to surprise myself by how much fun I'm actually having. The seven years of polish really shows.

#44 Posted by NimbusLaw (24 posts) -

I have one for the EU guys, PM me if you need one :)

#45 Edited by Eric (22 posts) -

I would like to have a scroll sent to me. It's about time I jump back in.

Bestrafen on skywall

#46 Posted by wallejr (2 posts) -

Feel free to pm me if u want a Scroll on Eu servers

#47 Posted by wallejr (2 posts) -

@Eric said:

I would like to have a scroll sent to me. It's about time I jump back in.

Bestrafen on skywall

You have to give me charname, realm or e-mail atleast.

#48 Posted by envane (1164 posts) -

cataclysm sucked balls , and you still need to buy mists of pandaria and then play thru the catacylsm content to get there. the hype over mists is dying down too , game is already back to shitty cycle of .."wait for content patch" "have fun for a week or 2" "start grinding some horrible shit till next content patch"

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