This 5.4 trailer is Pretty Good™

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I haven't done many of the LFRs aside from the first couple of 5.0 dungeons. Guess I need to start catching up - too bad tanking those things is so frustrating. People just want to gogogo and then they blame you when they die because they pulled before you were ready. I got annoyed with it fairly quickly; maybe I'll try and get my elemental shaman to 90 so I can dps them and not have to worry about it so much.

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That was really cool! Problem is I know world of warcraft isn't like that at all :P

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Almost thought about getting back into WoW, until seeing the gameplay part of the trailer.

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The in game engine trailers have been a nice touch for a couple years now, and they are always very well done.

I just cannot get into the game anymore. Blizz's strategy of sprinting to the endgame has killed this game for me. They built an amazing world that is not important because they are more concerned with the small chunk of the game space that the end game occupies.

Vanilla will always be my favorite time with the game just because of how methodical the exploration was. Yes, the gameplay mechanics back then wore horrible, especially if you were an in between character like a pally, but the emphasis on exploration and slower leveling made your hours seem more worth it.

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Yeah, I refuse to tank LFRs at least Throne of Thunder. Just go in and lead the bottom of the DPS charts and get your loots and kill the bosses. Works pretty well, but people still complain "lol 50k dps u bad"

And they wonder why subs are down?

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So if he is in Orgrimmar, what happens to the city itself, the AH, the wierd little lvl 12 dungeon, the trainers, questgivers etc?

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Anybody else want a straight up warcraft IV rts?

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I should jump back into this game. I was really pumped for Pandaria, but life happens and I just never ended up getting back in after continually putting it off. Either way, i'm really interested to see where the story goes from here since the Horde is obviously gonna need a new Warchief and there are a few good candidates.

I normally couldn't give a shit about WoW's story, but I ended up reading a disturbingly large number of pages in a particular thread discussing who would and wouldn't make a good Warchief and I came away very, very intrigued.

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Does anyone know a good resource for reading about the various storylines of Mist of Pandaria? The sites I used to use back in the day seem to be abandoned.

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Is Vol'jin confirmed as the new Warchief?

I guess any hope of Sylvanas leading the Horde is dead now.

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The ending to the raid is out there if you look for it.

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@erhard said:

Is Vol'jin confirmed as the new Warchief?

I haven't played Pandaria, but from what I gather is Vol'jin is leading the revolution against Hellscream after he was almost killed by him and Garosh went all genocide on the Darkspear tribe. Who is going to be warchief after Garosh falls (because, let's face it, he will) is probably still unclear.

@erhard said:

I guess any hope of Sylvanas leading the Horde is dead now.

Ba dum tish.

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@grissefar: This is just a raid, instanced out from the main city. I'm not sure how they'll explain having the raid go on at the same time as people are walking around in the "real" Orgrimmar, but I'm betting they simply imply that the raid is slightly time-shifted forward from the time in which people are wandering around exploring.

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So if he is in Orgrimmar, what happens to the city itself, the AH, the wierd little lvl 12 dungeon, the trainers, questgivers etc?

The magic of phasing! The city is already kind of messed up with all of the non-orc vendors kicked out and trainers acting like they are being watched (because they are). And the areas surrounding Orgrimmar have been dramatically changed where if you aren't in the right level to participate you aren't considered a "skirmisher" or "in rebellion" and the guards effectively ignore them.

One of the weakness players constantly bemoan about MMOs is that they are too static. Here is a series of events that will change up how one of the most commonly visited areas will look and behave and I am all for it.

As for LFR, tanking has been and always will be a more "disciplined" role than the others and is really hard to "wing it" even on the easiest of difficulties. They have to take on more responsibility and get no more "glory" than low performing DPS. I never envy or yell at Tanks who are trying.

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Yeah, that trailer is pretty damn good. It's about time Hellscream gets what's coming to him, I never liked that dude.

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Sieging Orgrimmar?! What the hell happened to the Horde?

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@theht said:

Sieging Orgrimmar?! What the hell happened to the Horde?

Garrosh took over. He was alright for a while but without Saurfang or Thrall to keep him levelheaded, he got really racist. Now he has the heart of and Old God and he's basically Grom without the redeeming qualities.

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As for "Who is the next Warchief?": I wonder if Blizzard is going to chicken out on this. In terms of race politics: Rulers are lead by one of their own kind. Even "moderate" Orcs would probably not accept anyone but an Orc as their leader. There are only two Orcs that could and would command that respect.

Because not alternatives have been shown or promoted this makes me wonder if either Thrall comes back or the players knock some sense into Garosh, repents, and he sticks around as a less violent and crazy leader.

As for "Who runs The Horde?" that is a giant "meh" for me...any of them can do it for all I care. :)

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I don't want to hop back in but It's gonna happen.

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@mariachimacabre: Yikes. Blizzard should take the story of World of Warcraft and use whatever they used for this trailer to make a show or something. I'd buy that.

The story was always the most interesting part of Warcraft for me.

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@i_stay_puft: Yup. And an entire hour cinematic at the beginning explaining what happened in WoW

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And this is important: This is all Thrall's fault. Although his intentions were always good and his thinking was high minded, they were still bad decisions. I am somewhat indifferent to if Garosh lives or dies but I suspect there will be a huge price paid by Thrall.

And that is what we call tension and drama. :)

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Awesome trailer as always. I've been off the game since 5.2, but I think I'll go back and check this out.

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Pretty sweet trailer. Picked this up a couple months ago after taking a 4 year hiatus and got my Paladin to 90. Didn't do any of the end game stuff but I really enjoyed what I played. I really liked what they've done with the phasing and cutscene stuff but this won't be enough to make me resub.

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