Too late to start? Any advice?

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For a long time I've put off playing WoW. I'm a big console gamer and invest pretty heavily in my Xbox. 
As I'm limited in the times I can turn the consoles on (thanks to my lovely lady and her addiction to programmes about fat people, talent shows and talent shows about fat people), I figured it may be good to have a "side project on the go". 
I have a macbook pro and recall making a trial account at the start of the year but never followed it through. IS there ny advice you can offer in starting a new account? Regarding servers, builds, communities etc... 
...or is this a bad time? Should I be waiting for the new release? Are there any offers for starting new accounts I should be aware of? And what about the different versions? 
Thanks for your help - I understand there's a lot of questions thrown in there.

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If you play WoW.... it is always too late.

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I think I would wait until Cataclysm.. A lot of things for newer players and 1-60 leveling will be added there :)

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What things Chrono? You mean like special offers?

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Most of the quest system will be redone after newer standards set in Wrath of the Lich King. 
Old leveling really sucks compared to most of Wrath leveling now, and it looks like it will be a lot better in Cata, if you trust people in the beta. Also there'll probably be quite a few people either rerolling or getting back into WoW when Cata hits because of that.. (me included)
I just think you'll have an overall better experience if you do that..  
But of course I don't know that.
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I would actually recommend you wait until after the 9th as well, for cata. If you're looking for advice on the game, Wowhead is great for that sort of thing.
As for servers (called realms in the game), it doesn't really matter unless you want to do some endgame raiding, in which case choose a realm that uses the same time zone as your region. This site has some basic information about each realm.
Good luck with WoW btw, I've been playing it for a few years and I've found it real fun. Hope  you like it as well.

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Thanks loads for the help guys, I really appreciate it.

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I'd wait unless you really want to see what the old world looked like before the Cataclysm drops.  Trust me, The Barrens is nothing you really need to see.

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You're trying WoW for the first time, correct?  Try another trial account.  There aren't any deals for new players, you have to buy everything if you want to play.
As far as classes go, play what ever suits you.  Mechanics have been very streamlined, it's just a question of whether you want to play tank, dps or a healer. 
Servers are kind of hit or miss.  Generally RP servers (even if you don't role play) are a good place to start.  The communities there are usually pretty helpful with not a lot of douche bags.  There are 'New Player' servers now, but I have yet to play on one.

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Be aware that once the gods of wow take hold of your soul they don't let go.  You've been warned.

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does anyone know if you can still play the earlier content like normal?  like are there still people in the barrens talking about chuck norris and all that?  either way, yes you should play it.  it's an amazing game and you should probably check it out before the world gets changed around in the new expansion.

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@DOUBLESHOCK: There's always people in the Barrens
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I would wait untill Cataclysm comes out and if you really wanna see the changes then Youtube is great for that right now. 

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Hate to be an ass but pretty much everyone I've met that started playing during WotlK was a noob with a twisted perception of reality who acted like a baby who is completely incapable of understanding the concepts of "challenge" and "learning".  
I don't know you, but Wrath has basically turned people's brains into cheese and even though the Cataclysm is so near that you could hardly call it WotlK anymore I'd still say wait until after the expansion is released because currently players are way overtuned and the road to 80 is so trivial the player learns nothing along the way except "MASH THESE BUTANS COLECT LOOT". 
 When the Cataclysm is released and the world is reforged hopefully the 1-80 content will be retuned to be more appropriate.  
And as for classes - if you pick druid you'll never have a reason to look back. They exceled in every aspect of the game during WotlK and I doubt they'll go to the bottom of the food chain during Cataclysm.

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Two ways you can go about it. 
Start  now or in the very near future and do the old 1-60 content (somewhat disjointed by having to zone hop for quests, but the Dungeon Finder helps make it a bit easier). Currently low level abilities are too strong and it trivializes most of the content, but this is being changed sometime between now and Cataclysm's launch.  The content progression won't be as fluid as the new 1-60 content that comes with Cataclysm, but you'll be able to see some of the old content before it's removed forever and it's generally pretty easy. 
Start after Cataclysm launches and play it with the new 1-60 content and/or with one of the new races (Worgen or Goblin), both of which have really cool starting zones from what I've seen. There's supposedly a much better quest progression with the new 1-60 content, with less zone hopping and generally better quests to do.  All of the level 1-60 dungeons are being reordered and rebalanced in some way (new bosses, being split into multiple parts, some having their level lowered, and general improvements). The main downside is that you'll miss out on seeing the zones and some of the story before they're changed.

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I was just recently thinking that I should get a trial just to see what this damned game is. The descriptions here, while friendly...are turning me off. It sounds like its grown so large that trying to penetrate it as a n00b is a whole "get to level 60" in itself. I guess the new expansion might change that though...
So if you want a side project, consider just picking up CS. Its like a console online FPS, but with considerably less idiots. And I think there is a native Mac version. Or don't, just a thought.

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@nintendoeats said:
" I was just recently thinking that I should get a trial just to see what this damned game is. The descriptions here, while friendly...are turning me off. It sounds like its grown so large that trying to penetrate it as a n00b is a whole "get to level 60" in itself. I guess the new expansion might change that though...  "
Honestly, it's pretty easy to get into it nowadays. I'd wait until Cataclysm launches before using a trial though, as most of the old content isn't worth seeing (other than the zones that are being physically changed post-Cataclysm). Blizzard wants this expansion to help retain new players, and a lot of the changes they're making are going a long way to do that.
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I think the main thing you'll miss out on by not starting 'right away' is the pre-cata event.  The old world stuff you would miss as well, but, honestly without the time to take it all in, most of it probably won't mean much too you unless you really enjoy the Warcraft universe and want to indulge in some of the story elements.   The pre-cata event however is a one time event that is taking place over the (now) next four weeks appx.  You'd probably be too low a level to really get anything out of it; like you probably wouldn't be able to kill any of the bosses that will come up later in it or anything, but it might still be something kind of cool to experience first hand.  
As for servers, there are several kinds - normal, pvp, rp, and rp-pvp.  Unless you're coming to WoW for the pvp experience first and foremost, I suggest you avoid a pvp realm.  Normal and RP are about the same really, the only difference is that sometimes on rp servers you may find people roleplaying, but that's about it as most rp servers are relatively crowded by non-rps.  If you do go to an rp server though, I would really suggest - please be respectful to the rpers, while you may not be in the game for that, they are, and there's no reason to be an ass to them because of it (not that I suspect you would be, but you wouldn't believe the amount of grief they can get on their own servers sometimes).  Also, if you see a server flagged as "new player" or "suggested" or whatever; those realms are usually ones that have just been opened up.  This means that there will be a lot more low level people on the server than on a server that's been around for years now.
There aren't really any 'bonuses' or 'sales' or anything that you need to look out for when buying WoW, just know that to get the most out of WoW you'll need to buy the game, the burning crusade expansion, the wrath of the lich king expansion, and the cataclysm expansion.  If you wait until after cataclysm launches, wrath should be dropping down in price towards the 20$ mark I believe; since that's what they did with burning crusade when wrath launched.  Whether or not that happens immediately or not, no idea.  The only real thing to be aware of is the Recruit A Friend program.  If you know anyone that's currently playing the game, when you sign up, you can sort of 'tie yourself' to them, sort of telling Blizzard that they 'recruited' you.  This offers some additional stuff; though most of it is only really useful if you actually level your character in time with one of the other person's characters of about the same level, but only up to level 60 - not sure how out of date this info is, but, it's worth a look -  Recruit-A-Friend
Talent builds are pretty easy now, as they were just recently streamlined to be nowhere near as complex.  
Hopefully that isn't too much of a clutter of information and hopefully most of it makes sense.  I'll probably come back later and try to clean it up some since I'm in a rush at the moment.

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The game has gotten a massive overhaul already in terms of interface and class design.
Talents and abilities are distributed way more flexible and make sense when you get them.
I do think that the best action might be trying the game with a trial account for a bit now, and if you feel like going for it wait for the Cataclysm.
Unless you're speed leveling, which you shouldn't since its a real shame of the majestic world they have made, you wouldn't be able to experience the game enough to make it worth it.
Perhaps try it, read up on some background story on classes/characters/places you find interesting and come join us when Deathwing sunders the planet again!

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@PeepingTommy:   Personally I think you should wait for the expansion to hit the stores because then you can get a taste of the new and improved WoW without having to buy the expansion itself.
Since they'll update the "new" Azeroth with a regular content patch and more or less remove the old vanilla stuff with that, you'll get to experience the same new experienced as the hardcore people. 
I for one am looking forward to this because creating a new character will feel like a new adventure again and would actually mean it could be proper fun to level a character since the mechanics they've learned to use through the two previous expansions will come to good use for everyone and not just the owners of the expansions. It's possible that I'll even be able to get some of my friends in on it now since it would be as much a new experience for me as it would for them, even if I've played it for five years.

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