grossblood's World of Warcraft (Collector's Edition) (PC) review

oh god, horrible lust

You like throwing flame balls and collecting linen? "Well I could just go back to pogs" BUT then you'd be forgetting all bout your little friend "flame ball". 
-but lets get serious.
I've played this game through the good times and bad going from being a complete nobody, to leading 25 really serious dudes into the end game and if there's one thing I've learned, its to expect failure from all directions. You'll never be the best, you'll never be first, you'll always wait an hour plus to raid waiting on 2 guys, and you'll always have to deal with reading closed minded ass-shit text wars and fake hide and go seek gold promises. It makes you want to die. It makes you want to die! But for that piece of sweet sweet purple,(next to the sunny-dee)...its all worth it....all of it.... 
A game like this has the power to make you feel important. Just with the sheer number of people playing, if you are the best at what you do, A LOT of people will know about it. There's no feeling I can compare to coming home after being treated like a nobody to being hailed and respected among thousands of people for being influencial in the games society. 
too sum the game up....
in a quote from the famous edgar allen poe- get up on that mutafukin dance flo.


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