sculsoldi3r's World of Warcraft (Collector's Edition) (PC) review

Blizzard didn't make a hit game, they made something far bigger..

Its argued the World of Warcraft is the greatest MMORPG ever, it has over 10 million players and is widely regarded out side of gaming too. No MMORPG has ever been able to reach the popularity of the iconic game. 

WoW starts you as a upcoming Human or Dwarf or Orc or which ever race and class you choose. You start of questing like other MMO's to gain experience and new items but quickly gain new this to do. These include instances (dungeons), PvP battlegrounds, group quests and other things you would expect in a MMO. Warcraft is also full of hundreds of guilds which you can join to meet people, play together and generally have lots of fun.

Besides the cartoony graphics compared to todays standards there really is no downfall to this game. It can entertain you for hundreds of hours and provide fun and fascinating things to do. This game is a MUST for MMO's fanatics everywhere!

Afk Gaming Rating Scale
Presentation: 10/10 - I own the Battle chest and its the best bundle I've ever bought.
Graphics: 7.5/10 - Cartoonish but amazing for 2004 standards.
Sound: 8/10 - While the sound can get annoying at sometimes its great sounding when not.
Gameplay: 9.5/10 - I cant go wrong with this rating, it has a great feel as far as spell control and screen layout is.
Lasting Appeal: 9.5 - Ask the millions who have been playing for years!

Overall: 89/100
Posted by OGCartman

The graphics were a 9 or 10 at the time. I would give the lasting appeal a 10 because, thats obvious cuz its so fucking addicting lol.

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